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Casey and Mr. Green

The Longest Shortcut



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Written by:

Lane Raichert

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: November 21, 1987

Paired With

Chills, Drills and Spills

"The Longest Shortcut" is the 22nd episode of Season 3. Allstar and the gang are lost in a cavern and are trying to find their own ways out while fighting different obstacles.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with a group of Slug-a-lugs wanting to eat the snorks for breakfast. Casey tries to fight back, but Allstar makes her leave in the process. Meanwhile, Junior, Tooter, and Occy try hiding in different spots. Junior tricks them into hiding in a cave, where the Slug-a-lugs almost get to them. He laughs about this while hiding in his clam.

The snorks then enter a dark cavern, and then go their seperate ways. Daffney, Casey, and Allstar try to find a way out while Tooter, Occy, and Junior try finding another way out. Along the way, Casey meets a monster named Mr. Green, who gives her directions on how to get out. She tells her friends the 411, then they head for it. Casey decides to go find the others, but Daffney refuses to go anywhere that's considered icky, so Allstar tricks her into going with them by telling her nothing's as icky as she thinks.

Not long afterwards, Tooter pranks Junior by putting on a monster mask and chasing him around with it. However, this make Junior very annoyed, as tries to avoid Tooter as possible. The puffledragon is nearby, and Junior is caught in a purple coral reef. Tooter and Occy save him before the puffledragon gets loser. The puffledragon is a sea creature the snoks read about in fairy tales, and becoem suprised to find out puffledragons really exist. The puffledragon goes after the snorks, then Casey has Allstar pull the cork off his blowhole, causing him to shrink and bark like a dog. After that, Casey finds it takes less than a second to return to Snorkland through the cavern. Then snorks all learned that teamwork is esential, especially when trying to find a way out of a dark cavern.

Snorks 322 2

Tooter and Occy save Junior

Background Info

  • Another instance in Season 3 where Allstar shows some affection for Casey
  • The monster mask Tooter wears makes its second appearance in "The Snorkshire Spooking" - but this time, Junior's the one wearing it to prank the snorks

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *sees the Slug-a-lugs after Tooter and Occy* What can I say, Tooter? It's survivial of the sneakiest! *snickers*

Allstar: *about Mr. Green* Good - it hasn't spotted us.

Casey: Oh, this is silly. Maybe it knows how to get out of here.

Allstar: Casey! *covers his eyes* Oh, I can't watch!

Casey: Excuse me, can you tell us how to get out of this cavern?

Allstar: *still covering his eyes* Tell me when it's over!

Casey: A little jumpy today, Daffney?

Allstar: *holding her* She's a little heavy, too.

Daffney: *angry look*

Junior: Help! I'm too young to be an ordirve!


  • Allstar only narrated one portion of the episode instead of it in its entirety
  • When Allstar tries getting Casey away from the puffledragon, his belt is white instead of red


  • Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - This episode title share its same name of the level is a reference to the 2003 video game.



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