The Longest Shortcut/Transcript

(The snorks and Occy are shouting "Help, icky!" and "Help!" as a few slug-a-lugs chase them)

Allstar POV: Today started with three hungry slugalugs after us for breakfast. I thought this was as bad as a day could get, but boy, was I wrong. Things started to get worse.

(He and Casey hide behind a weird creature)

Allstar: Hey!

Casey: *goes up to it* don't think that just because you're twice as big as us, that we're gonna be scared or anything!

Allstar: Casey! *grabs her away* 

(Junior tries hiding too, but finds Tooter and Occy in same sopt as slug tries eating them)

(then all head into a cave to escape) 

Junior: *pops out of clamshell* What can I say, Tooter? It's survivial of the sneakiest! *laughs*

Occy: *growls*

Allstar: Everybody, I found a tunnel, hurry! *all sswim in except Daffney* Hury it up, Daffney!

Daffney: I'm not going in there!

(slug comes closer)

Allstar: What?

Daffney: Well it might be slimey or something!

Allstar: Oh, brother! *throws her inside and the slugalug slams itsemf to the side of the cave*

(all in cavern)

Casey: Wow, this cavern is humongous.

Allstar: Let's see if we can find a way out.

Junior: You shoulda seen the look on your face when that thing came after you. 

Occy: *growls*

Casey: *sees kelp* Well we sure can't swim over it. 

Junior: I say we go through it.

Daffney: I'm not going through there, it's too spooky! 

Junior: You call that spooky? Ha!

Allstar: Well let's just be safe and snork around it.

Casey: Sounds good to me.

Junior: Get off it, you guys. Allwet doesn't know a good shortcut when he sees one. I'm not afraid of a bunch of weeds.

Allstar: Come on, Junior, we've got to stick together down here.  

Junior: Don't give me that cooperation garbage! Down here, it's every snork for himself!

(Tooter and Occy whisper and leave)

Allstar: Wait, you guys! *moans*

Casey: Don't worry about it, Allstar. We can just meet them when they come out the other side.

Allstar: Oh, I hope so.

(swim through)

Allstar: Oh, whadda ya know?

Casey: This cavern is just one big dead end.

Daffney: Oh great, we'll never get out of here!

Casey: We'll just have to go back and face the slugalugs.

Allstar: Uh Casey, maybe we should look around a little more before -- 

(all scream at monster)

Daffney: Ew, what's that?

Allstar: Who cares? Quick, hide!

(all hide from mosnter)

Allstar: It's working. It hasn't spotted us.

Casey: Oh this is silly, maybe it knows how to get out of here. 

Allstar: Casey! *covers eyes* Oh, I can't watch!

Casey: Excuse me, can you tell us how to get out of this cavern?

Allstar: Tell me when it's over!

Mr. Green: Only way in or out is tunnel over there.

Casey: But that's how we got here, we need to find another one.

Daffney: Allstar, Allstar, it's friendly.

Allstar: You're kidding!

Mr. Green: It is good thing you not go in the forest. It bad place. Nobody ever come out who go in.

Allstar: *gulps* We have friends in there.

Mr. Green: Not anymroe!

Casey: Well, there's only one thing we can do.

Allstar: What?

Casey: Rescue Tooter and Junior.

Allstar: Oh, this is not my day!

Daffney: So what did Mr. Green have to say?

Allstar: Nothing, really. Come on, Daffney. We have to go into the forest and rescue -- 

Daffney: I said I wasn't going in there, and I meant it!

Allstar: Really, Daffney, I've been in weed forests like this before, and I can tell you from experience that they're a piece of kelp. 

Daffney: Really? Nothing slimey or spooky?

Allstar: Not a single scary thing!


Daffney: *screams and jumps in Allstar's arms* I thought you said it wasn't scary in here!

Allstar: Well, I --

Daffney: *screams some more*

Casey: *holds giant tooth* A little jumpty, today, Daffney?

Allstar: She's a little heavy, too. *Daffney glares at him* Have you found Junior and Tooter? 

Casey: No, but I found this - the fang of a pufferdragon.

Daffney: You mean those monsters with the weird corks in their backs? Oh, I thought they were just fairy tales. 

Casey: Well, down here, they must be real.

Allstar: Then we've got to find Junior and Tooter before the pufferdragon finds them first. 

Junior: *off elsewhere* Ugh, some shortcut, I'll never find the others.

(Tooter and Occy still laugh at the joke they're about to pull)

Junior: Boy, this is the last time I ever --

(they scare him with a fake mask resembling a monster, and he jumps as they laugh, but they see pufferdragon and get scared)

Casey: *sees it* The pufferdragon! Tooter and Junior could be in danger!

Junior: *elsewhere* look, you little pipsqueaks, I don't need the two of you slowing me down! Get lost!

(pufferdragon comes closer)

Tooter: *warning toot*

Junior: I've got a much better hiding place than those two losers!

(closer, kncoking Junior around)

Junior: Hey! Help! I'm too young to be an ordrive!

(pufferdragon eats, as Tooter and Occy get him out)

Junior: You guys wanna save me? *remove boulder* I mean, it doesn't make any sense. I've called you all those -- *Tooter grabs him and they escape* Gee, uh, thanks for saving me. You guys are okay. I'll thank you later, okay? *they escape some more*

Casey: The roars are louder. We must be geting closer. Look! 

Daffney: Hey, there they are!

Allstar: Boy, are we glad to see you guys? We thought you had -- *twirls around*

Daffney: Wait for me!

Casey: *sees it* Yeah, that's a pufferdragon, alright.

Allstar: It's time to go, Casey! *grabs her*

Casey: *she stops him* Now wait a minute, Allstar. All we have to do is pull the cork out of its blowhole, just like in the old fairy tales. 

Allstar: All we have to do is get out of here! *takes her away*


Allstar: Alright, you guys, as long as we stick together, everything will be -- *runs into tree* 

Daffney: Oh no, Allstar!

Allstar: *hangs onto pufferdragon by accident* Where's the breaks?

Casey: Follow me. *all do so* This way! 

Allstar: No, not the weeds, go around, go around!

Junior: Look, we're trapped! 

(all in a jam)

Casey: We're not afraid, because Allstar's gonna pull your cork!

Allstar: Cork?! What cork? *sees it* Oh, that cork!

(it turns small, Occy growls at it, and it jumps)

(meanwhile, all wait for Casey to come back out)

Allstar: Well...?

Casey: It goes all the way through on the way to Snorkland to the other side. This chamber isn't a dead end after all. 

(snorks cheer)

Allstar: I think we all learned that working together gets a lot more done than working against each other, right?

Daffney: Ooh, ick! What a slimey weed! 

Junior: Hey Tooter, why don't you put this over your head? It would be a definite improvement! *laughs, but Tooter scares him again* Hey, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International