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Corky meets Seastar

The Sand Witch



Production Code


Broadcast Number


Written by

Neal Barbera and Candace Howerton

Teleplay by

Lane Raichert and David Schwartz

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 10, 1987

Paired With

It's Always Darkest Before the Snork

"The Sand Witch" is the 10th episode of Season 3. The magic portal has opened up, and Bigweed and Corky get sucked in. They meet a Seastar and a Sand Witch, who are trying to get out.

Plot Summary

All the Snorks are rushing towards downtown, where Governor Wetworth has gathered a meeting. Gallio announces that the Sand Witch has come to Snorkland - every few centuries, she opens the Magic Portal and chooses a different place to appear in the ocean. She searches for food, and whatever she doesn't eat, she just turns into sand, once attacking the Seahara City, now a desert. Corky decides to go after her, and everyone begins evacuation procedures.

Meanwhile, Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are outside of town disguised as snorks. They decide to spy on Corky, as they want a chance to destory the snorks. Corky is trying to use a boulder to stop the Magic Portal from continuing to open up, but Bigweed attempts to stop his sub from working. As a result, they BOTH get sucked into the magic portal, and now have to find a way out. Corky ends up meeting Seastar, who offers to be used as Corky's new propeller for his sub. At the same time, Bigweed meets the Sand Witch, who attempts to eat him, whereas Seastar has been running away from the Sand Witch for 1,000 years.

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Sand Witch

Bigweed is trying his best to run away from the Sand Witch, who's still trying to eat him. He ends up joining Corky and Seastar, and they attempt to get out. First, they make a "decoy" sub by using seaweed. The Sand Witch eats it, but soons learns she was tricked, as she sees them actually escape the Magic Portal. They end up back in Snorkland, and close it. Unfortunately, she tries getting out, but the Magic Portal closes on her, and she's sent back in. The town cheers, and Bigweed is mistaken for a hero, which he greatly despises.

Background Info

  • We learn that the Magic Portal opens once every few hundred years, when the Sand Witch is ready to come out
  • Casey, JoJo, and Junior offer to help Corky, but will officially join his team in The Wizard Of Ice

Memorable Quotes

Corky: Way to go, Bigweed. I should've known you were behind this.

Bigweed: Yeah, well I'm glad I sabotaged your plans. I'm just sorry I got suck here with you.

Bigweed: *in response to Sand Witch trying to eat him* Oh no, it looks like I'm about to become an appetizer!

Bigweed: I think I've lost me.

Sand Witch: You haven't lost me, you're simply lost!

Corky: Ah, there's nothing quite as satisfying as saving the world before lunch. *rock breaks* Uh oh, it looks like lunch will have to wait.


  • When Allstar and Casey are trying to swim into town, Allstar's pants are green while her pants are blue
  • Lil Seaweed calls the Sand Witch a "character" - is she possibly breaking the fourth wall?
  • When Corky claims to have lost control of his sub, the purple sleeves on his shirt are missing


  • The Seahara Desert is a play on the Sahara Desert in Africa



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