The Sand Witch/Transcript

(Wind is blowing in large amounts all over Snorkland)

Snork 1: The Sand Witch is coming!

Snork 2: She'll destroy us all!

Allstar: What kind of a witch is a sand witch?

Casey: I don't know. Maybe we'll find out at the town meeting.

(All are now att the town meeting)

Governor Wetworth: Quiet, everyone, please! Let Gallio speak!

Gallio: *reads out of a book* Every few centuries, the terrible Sand Witch moves into our world. Each time, she chooses a different place to appear, and I'm afraid that this time, she has chosen us. Snorkland! *all gasp* The Magic Portal through which she passes has already begun to open just outside of town.

Casey: What does the Sand Witch want?

Gallio: Food! She eats anything that moves, and what she doesn't eat, she turns to sand. The last time she appeared, she attacked the Seahara City.

Casey: Seahara City? Don't you mean the Seahara Desert?

Gallio: Sure - now it's the Seahara Desert. But it used to be a city like our's.

Governor Wetworth: *grabs Gallio in fear* Ooh, we're doomed! Nothing can save us from the Sand Witch!

Corky: *pops out of crowd* Don't lose control! This is a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Governor Wetworth: Really, Corky, I think the Sand Witch is too powerful even for you.

Corky: Maybe, but just give me one hour to try and save Snorkland. That's all I ask.

Governor Wetworth: Alright - one hour.

Gallio: But we'll start evacuation procedures just in case.

(As all the other snorks leave, two snorks are being followed - turns out they're just Bigweed and Lil Seaweed in disguise)

Bigweed: Ooh, this is the chance we've been waiting for! Finally, a way to get rid of these snorks!

Lil Seaweed: Yeah, yeah, we've just gotta make sure Corky doesn't stop this Sand Witch character!

Bigweed: No problem! It's a piece of kelp! *put their disguises back on*

(Corky is being followed by Casey, Jojo, and Junior)

Casey: We wanna help, too.

Corky: Sorry, this job's too dangerous. I'll have to handle it alone. And now to seal that Magic Portal. *finds boulder nearby* Ah, a large rock is just what the Snork Patrol ordered. *grabs it and places it in the Magic Portal front entrance* There, that should do it. *but it sinks down below* 

Gallio: *watching with everyone else* Uh oh. It looks like the Magic Portal's still growing.

Corky: *back in sub* I'll have to use full power. I guess I need a bigger boulder. *grabs one* 

Lil Seaweed: Here, I'll sabotage Corky's sub!

Bigweed: *grabs her* I'll get it! This is too important to have you messin' up!

Lil Seaweed: Messin' up?! Hmph, thanks a lot!

Bigweed: *turns into a fish* Ooh, Corky will never suspect me now! *removes metal from the rutter of the sub* That oughta do it. Bye bye, sucker! *but realizes he's stuck* Oh no, I'm stuck! I can't get lose!

Corky: Great Neptune! I lost control! 

(he drops the boulder and he and Bigweed get sucked into the Magic Protal)

Lil Seaweed: Who's messing up now, huh?

All: Oh no! *and continue mumbling and gasping*

Casey: Oh no! Corky has been sucked into the Sand Witch's domain!

(Corky and Bigweed are deep inside her domain)

Corky: Way to go, Bigweed! I should've known you were behind this!

Bigweed: Yeah, well I'm glad I sabotaged your plans! I'm just sorry I got stuck here with you!

Corky: Well we better find a way to get back to Snorkland before the Sand Witch shows up.

Bigweed: I don't need your help, you... you... snork! I'll find a way back on my own!

Corky: Fine, I'll fix the sub by myself then. All I need is a new propeller. besides, I didn't want to work with a bad guy, anyway. 


(Corky is still trying to find his way out)

Corky: No wonder the Sand Witch wants to escape. Ugh, there's nothing down here but junk. 

(Corky stumbles across Seastar the starfish)

Seastar: Oh, you've got to save me. I've been running away from the Sand Witch for a tousand years, and boy, am I tired. 

Corky: Well you're welcome to come with me, but first I've got to find a new propeller for my sub.

Seastar: *follows him* What's a propeller?

Corky: Say, I could use you instead.

Seastar: You can?

Corky: But wait a minute. Have you ever had any experience as a propeller?

Seastar: No, but I'm a fast mover.

Corky: Great! Here, I'll show you how to do it. First, you'll --

(Bigweed is also trying to find his way out)

Bigweed: I knew I could find my way out of here by myself. I just *ground moves* Huh? *sees something move down below* Uh oh.

Sand Witch: *pops out* Who dares invade the domain of the Sand Witch? Speak quickly while you still can!

Bigweed: *stutters* I'll make a deal with you. You'll help me escape, and I'll help you find lots of f-f-food. I know my way around up there.

Sand Witch: *laughs* I don't need any help! I can find all the food I want, starting with you!

Bigweed: Oh no! Looks like I'm about to become an appetizer! *Sand Witch chases after him, but he hides* I think I lost her.

Sand Witch: You haven't lost me! You've simply lost! *she still chases him*

(Meanwhile, Corky's testing out Seastar as his new propeller, when Bigweed swims over to the sub)

Bigweed: Quick, let me in! She's after me! 

Corky: Hey Bigweed, I thought you said you didn't need the Snork Patrol.

Bigweed: Hey, things didn't work out, okay?

Corky: Well, I guess the Snork Patrol should help everyone, even - ugh - bad guys. 

Bigweed: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just hurry! *hides in the sub*

Corky: We're approaching the Magic Portal. 

Bigweed: *sees something else move in the ground* What's that?

(out pops the Sand Witch yet again)

Sand Witch: Nobody escapes the Sand Witch! *shoots orange lasers out of her eyes* 

Corky: Rut! The Sand Witch is blocking our escape route!

Bigweed: I hate the thought of it, but we're gonna have to work together. 

(The Sand Witch is still awaiting her "meals" when the sub covered in seaweed passes by)

Sand Witch: What a stupid disguise! They can't fool me! *reveals to be just ordinary seaweed, which she gladly takes a bite out of* Mmm, delicious! But it could use a little more salt. 

Corky: *as he and Bgiweed pass her by* It worked! She held for the decoy sub!

Sand Witch: *realizes it* No one makes a fool of the Sand Witch! No one!

(But they make it out of the Magic Portal okay)

Corky: *grabs boulder* Now, to seal up the Portal. *drops it there*

All: *still watching from afar* Yay!

Corky: Ah, there's nothing quite as satisfying as saving the world before lunch. *boulder breaks* Uh oh. It looks like lunch will have to wait. The Sand Witch is trying to escape!

Bigweed: Look, the Magic Portal is closing!

Sand Witch: *as it closes on her* I wasted too much time! I can't get out! Oooh! *now gone*

Gallio: We're saved! Corky and Bigweed have saved Snorkland for another thousand years! 

Bigweed: *as snorks swim up to him* How depressing. 

Allstar (not seen): You saved the town!

Casey (not seen): You're heroes! 

All: Yay!

Corky: No job's too big for *horn* the Snork Patrol! *to Seastar* Thanks, you made a great propeller.

Seastar: *dizzy* Thanks, but I think I'll retire. I'm dizzy.

Corky: Isn't being a hero lots of fun?

Bigweed: Yeah, lot of fun! I hate that! *swims away angrily*

Lil Seaweed: I can't believe it, Bigweed, you're a hero! How could you sink so low?? You'll never live it down!

Bigweed: Aaah, don't remind me! 

(he and her blabble all the way through to the end)

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International