The Shape Of Snorks To Come



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Written by:

Lane Raichert and Mark Young

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

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NBC Premiere: October 19, 1985

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Junior's Octopuppy

Her grandmother? Has everyone flipped their snork around here?! - Junior in response to Futura's comment about Daffney

"The Shape Of Snorks To Come" is the 12th episode of Season 2. A seaquake causes Junior to go into an alternative future, where he's the governor of Snorkland and stays true to his "No List." Later, he learns that if he wants to be governor someday, he must treat his future voters better.
Winter 1011 Kelz 284

Junior meets his older self

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Allstar and Casey playing volleysnork, but are having difficulty due to the continuous seaquakes. They hear crying off in the distance, and the cries are coming from a baby catfish. Junior is kissing it while he does some "practice campaigning." Casey and Allstar catch him in the act, so Junior tells them their dad told him he can't get into office unless he kisses a lot of babies. He also shows them his "No List," which everyone will follow. While he adds "No Kissing Babies" to the list, Casey and Allstar agree that when the time comes, they'll vote for whoever's running against Junior.

While Junior tries to get a lobster to "vote" for him, he gets trapped in a hole during a seaquake, and ends up in an alternative future. He starts believing he's seeing Daffney in a "ridiculous get-up," who tells him it's the newest seacop uniform, and that her name's Futura. After being asked for his snorking permit, he laughs and asks if Allstar put her and the male cop up to this. Futura gasps because Junior had jsut said the "A word," and is put under arrest. A robot judge sentences him to ten years in jail for insulting Futura's uniform, as well as saying "Allstar." Junior says "Allstar" four more times, which causes him to be sentenced to fifty years in prison. He tells Futura (while calling her Daffney) the joke's gone on long enough, but she says the only Daffney she knows is her grandmother. This puts Junior in a state of confusion.

Winter 1011 Kelz 283

Junior with elderly Casey

He meets an elderly female snork, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for voting agaisnt the governor. She also tells him why saying "Allstar" is illegal - he's the governor's greatest enemy, and everything about him is illegal, and that includes his name. The elder introduces herself as Casey, and Junior realizes she's Casey Kelp. He believes this is impossible, because she appears to be sixty years old, but she confesses she's only seventy. Junior nearly faints in response, and realizes the seaquake set him fifty years into the future. He tries to free himself, saying a Wetworth has never gone to jail, showing his family seal for proof. The officers are in shock, and he is sent to see the governor, who turns out to be an elder version of Junior himself. Junior sees he has a lot of gold, because he raised so many taxes. He also shows him his original "No List," and tells him of the time he, or they, put an electric eel in the teacher's chair.

Junior's enemies start revolting, including an elderly Allstar. In shock, both Junior say his name, and elder Casey ridicules the older Junior for saying the "A word." While Allstar and Casey try to dethrone him, the young Junior frantically swims away from the chaos. He jumps back into the hole he came out of, and is back into the present. He lands on top of Allstar, disrupting his volleysnork game with Casey. Junior tears up his "No List" in front of them, saying if he's going to be the future governor of Snorkland, he must treat his voters right. He then decides he'll go play with Willie, in which he drops the remainder of his "No List." Daffney tells him to clean it up, although he sees her as Futura and responds to her by that name. She just laughs, saying he's finally gone off the deep reef.

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Boy, when the time comes, I know who I'm going to vote for.

Allstar: Me too - whoever runs against Junior. Can you imagine that little fish-kisser becoming governor someday?

Futura: You have no right to remain silent, no shellephone calls, and no lawyers.

Junior: Very funny! *laughs* What a great gag! *masks over mouth*

Robot Judge: Ugh, the A word! *slam* I sentence you to 10 years in the Snorkland Slammer!

Hammer: That's better than a perpetual headache!

Futura: This will keep you from escaping again.

Junior: Says you! *swims away and pufferfish blows up* Ah, I'm getting a snorkache! I demand my rights!

Futura: You have no rights!

Casey: This is game point, Allstar! *serves*

Allstar: I've got it, I've got it! *Junior lands on him* Oh boy, that was some return!

Daffney: Hey pick that up, Junior! *he sees her as Futura* Don't you wanna keep Snorkland Park clean? Why do you think this trash clam's here?

Junior: Okay, Officer Futura, or Daffney, or whatever your name is, don't arrest me, I'll clean it up! *does so*

Daffney: Officer Futura?! Arrest him?! Junior's finally gone off the deep reef!

Background Info

  • This is the first and only time we see the snorks' future selves
  • From what is gathered, because everything about Allstar was illegal, and elder Casey never stated that Kelp is her maiden name, Casey never wound up marrying Allstar in the alternative future
  • The Scene With Junior falling in the Whirlpool was Used in Come Along With the Snorks


  • Although Willie has been standing by Junior the entire time, he comes up behind him
  • In the lobster scene, the backgrounds immediately change locations right before the seaquake
  • When Casey tells Junior she has to serve again, her hair turns green, and her bows are red


  • The alternative future of Snorkland may be a reference to Communism and Communist societies, a wordly politial issue at the time this episode was made and first aired



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