The Shape Of Snorks To Come/Transcript

(Allstar and Casey are playing volleyball in Snorkland Park)

Casey: My serve! *hits it high*

Allstar: Iv'e got it! *misses it - the wind blows it away*

Casey: Oh dear, we just can't play volleysnork with all these crazy currents.

Allstar: That's for sure. My Uncle Gallio says they're casued by powerful, unpredictable *volleyball bounces on head* seaquakes.

(hear baby catfish crying)

Casey: Did you hear that, Allstar? it sounds like someone's in trouble. *they go see it*

Allstar: I'll say. Junior Wetworth has those catfish cornered.

Junior: *kisses the baby catfish* What a cute little baby gill. *hands it a button with his photo on it* When you think of her future, think of me, Junior Wetworth. 

Willie: Junior, you wanna play? 

Junior: Can't you see I'm busy campainging, now get lost! Someday I'll be runing for governor, so remember, vote Wetworth - Junior Wetworth! *kisses it and it cries some more* 

Casey: Junior, what in the whrilpool are you doing?

Junior: Practicing to be governor. My dad says you can't get elected unless you kiss a lot of babies. 

Allstar: He meant snork babies, Junior, not fish.

Junior: Well I'm not taking any chances! *pulls out list* Furthermore, when I'm in office, I won't be a pussycat fish! This is my No List! Everyone will follow these rules with no exceptions, and I'm adding "No kissing babies" right now, especially fish babies.

Casey: Boy, when the time comes, I know who I'm gonna vote for.

Allstar: Me too, whoever's running against Junior. Can you imagine that little fish kisser becoming governor someday?

(Junior's now off in the distance, following a giant lobster)

Junior: Now remember, vote for Wetworth, or you'll be in hot water! I mean real hot! *ground shakes* Come back here, silly lobster! Everyone knows a doorway's the safest spot during a seaquake! Too bad the floor isn't!

(Now Junior gets suck in and is somewhere else)

Junior: Whew. For a second there, I thought I was in trouble. 

Futura: *looks exactly like Daffney* Hey! Where do you think you're going!

Junior: Daffney, what are you doing in that ridiculous getup!

Futura: Ridiculous?! This happens to be the latest seacop uniform, and my name is Officer Futura, not Daffney! 

Officer: Where's your snorking permit, shorty?

Junior: Snorking permit? *laughs* What a great act! Did Allstar put you guys up to this? 

Futura: *gasps* He said the A word! Put on the clam cuffs! 

(Junior arrested) 

Officer: We're taking you in!

(He's arrested)

Futura: You have no right to remain silent, no shellephone calls, and no lawyers!

Junior: Very funny! What great gag!

(Now at police station)

Robot Judge: What's the charge, officers?

Futura: He instulted my uniform, and worst of all, he said the A word. 

Robot Judge: Ugh, the A word. *slams hammer* I sentence you to 10 years in the Snorkland Slammer. 

Hammer: That's better than a perpetual headache!

Robot Judge: Well, what do you have to say for yourself, son?

Junior: Boy, Allstar sure knows how to pull a prank. 

Futura: *gasps* He said it again!

Robot Judge: 20 years! 

Junior: 20 years - for saying "Allstar"?!

Robot Judge: Ugh, 30 years!

Hammer: *dizzy* Will somebody shut that kid up?

Junior: Hey, I can take a joke! Go ahead, throw the book at me! Allstar, Allstar!

Robot Judge: 40, 50 years! 

(now in a mobile jail)

Junior: The joke's gone far enough, Daffney, now let me out of here. 

Futura: Look, jailbait, you're not getting out for 50 years, and my name's Futura! The only Daffney I know is my grandmother. Now step on it!

Junior: Her grandmother?! Has everybody flipped their snork around here?

Elderly Casey: It's the seaquakes. Haven't seen currents this bad for 60 years. 

Junior: What are you in for?

Elderly Casey: I voted against the great and all powerful governor, and got 7 years.

Junior: ha, that's nothing! I got 50 years just for saying "Allstar"!

Elderly Casey: Shh, don't say that name. It's against the law, ya know. 

Junior: Now you tell me. But why?

Elder Casey: Allstar's the governor's greatest enemy, and everything about him is illegal, even his name. 

Junior: Boy, these officers are real grouchs. Say, don't I know you? 

Elder Casey: Don't think so. My name's Casey. Pleased to meet ya. 

Junior: Oh, same here, Case -- Casey?! Casey Kelp?!

Elder Casey: Now how does a young snork like you know my name?

Junior: But, but you can't be THE Casey Kelp! Why you look 60 years old!

Elder Casey: Well, thanks for the compliment. I just turned 70.

Junior: 70?! *nearly faints* Oh, so that's why all the buildings look so strange. And why I've never seen clamdominiums like those before. My watch! That crazy seaquake must've set me *gulps* 50 years into the future! Help, let me out, I wanna go home, help! 

(now in jail)

Futura: Okay, you, move out!

Junior: Wait, you're making a horrible mistake! I'm a snork from your past, sent to the future by a freakish whirlpool! 

Futura: Uh huh, yeah, sure, that's what they all say. 


Futura: *ties pufferfish to him* This will keep you from escaping again.

Junior: Says who?! *it bows and he's upside down* I'm getting a snorkache! I demand my rights! 

Futura: You have no rights!

Junior: Now listen here, a Wetworth has never gone to jail!

(all stutter)

Futura: You're a Wetworth? 

Junior: Yeah, I can prove it. *shows necklace with a seal on it to them* Here's my family seal. 

Officer: He's telling the truth.

Futura: The Governor should hear about this. 

Junior: Well, it's about time. *all take him there* I can't wait to tell you water logged governor that this is no way to run a town. 

(all go to his office) 

Elder Junior: Who is it, and it better be important?

Futura: Uh, Officer Futura from the 3rd Seasinct, and we have a prisoner here who claims to be a Wetworth, sir. 

Elder Junior: Well, he's a faker! Throw him in jail!

Junior: *gasps* I don't believe it. I'm you, I mean, you're me, I mean, we're us.  

Elder Junior: You must be out of your snork.

Junior: I knew you'd say that, but i am Junior Wetworth from your past. *pulls out No List* Look, I even have the original No List. 

Elder Junior: Get in here. *locks door* I'll lock the door. 

Junior: Boy, you've got security problems, and I can see why. Look at all this loot! You must've raised taxes more than I ever thought I would! 

Elder Junior: *sees the list through magnifying glass* This really looks authentic. But can you prove you're really me?

Junior: Oh, no problem. Remember that time I, or uh, we put that electric eel on the teacher's chair?

Elder Junior: *laughs* Are you kidding? Uh, I forgot all the fun I used to have as a boy. 

Junior: Oh don't worry, you've always got me. I think you're the greatest!

Elder Junior: *pushes him aside* Don't try that phony flattery on me. I know you too well. 

Junior: If that's how you feel, I'm leaving!

(Futura steps in)

Futura: Governor, the people are revolting!

Elder Junior: They certainly are! Now take this imposter to the slammers!

Junior: *falls down after being slammed* Oh, I can't believe I'm so mean to me.

Futura: We can't put him in prison! The last seaquake craked the walls and released all of your enemies! They really are revolting! 

Elder Junior: All my enemies! But, but that's the whole town! *presses button and places jetpack on* I'm jetting out of here!

Junior: I couldn't have said it better myself! Wait for me! Know a good place to hide around here?

Elder Allstar: There's no place to hide. Don't I know you? 

Both Juniors: Allstar?!

Elder Casey: Naughty, naughty, Governor. You said the A word.

Elder Junior: You haven't caught me yet! *runs into another snork* I'm sure we can work this out. Hey, no grabbing!

Elder Allstar: The days of you and your No List are over, old Junior Wetworth! 

Junior: I think that's my cue to jet out of here! *swims away* They're gaining on me! Oh, I'm caught between a snork and a hard place! Oh, what should I do? *jumps back into whirlpool and heads back to snork*

(Junior jumps back into the whirlpool and back to the present day)

Casey: *throws ball up high* This is game point, Allstar!

Allstar: I've got it, I've it! *Junior landw on him* Boy, that was some return.

Junior: I'll say. I made it back.

Casey: Nice going, Junior. Now I'll have to serve it over.

Junior: I'm starting things over too, Casey. *tears up his No List*

Allstar: Huh? Why are you tearing up your No List?

Junior: From now on I'll have to treat you future voters nice, or you'll overthrow me when I'm governor. 

Casey: IF you're governor, Junior.

Allstar: Yeah, thank goodness that's a long way off.

Junior: Not as long as you might think.

Willie: Junior, wanna play now?

Junior: Hey, how many times do I have to tell you rhat I -- uh, oh sure, come on, Willie. *drops paper shreds*

Daffney: Hey, pick that up, Junior! *but Junior keeps seeing her as the future Officer Futura* Son't you wanna keep Snorkland Park clean? Why do you think this trash clam's here?

Junior: Okay, okay, Officer Futura, or Daffney, or whatever your name is, don't arrest me, I'll clean it up! *throws it away with his snork then swims away from her* 

Daffney: Officer Futura? Arrest him? Junior's finally gone off the deep reef. 

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International