The Silly Snorkasaurus



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Written by:

Lisa Maliani

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: October 1, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 27, 1988

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"The Silly Snorkasaurus" is the 7th episode of Season 4. A rare snorkasarus egg hatches, but it keeps eating all the food. Meanwhile, Dr. Strangesnork wants to use him for his own evil deeds.

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Snorky and Dr. Gallio

Plot Summary

Dr. Gallio has the snorks come over to his lab becuase it's urgent. His kelp machine is broken, and he needs an extra shell to make it work. If they can't find a shell that fits, then the machine wouldn't work and no more food would be produced for all of Snorkland. This proves to be very difficult, as even out in the kelp fields they can't find a decent shell. As Junior imagines him being waited on for a week, the snorkeaters come near them and try chasing them. Corky and Jojo also can't say anything over it.

The snorks try hiding in Corky's sub, which creates problems. While Junior and Casey find a yellow shell, they fight over it, but it turns out to be an eel that Junior literally catches on to. They accidentally enter the Forgotten Sea, which is off limits to snorks. Allstar finds a large egg, so he takes it back to Gallio's. It hatches, and a giant prehistoric snork pops out, and it's a legendary snorkasaurus, which they name Snorky. Dr. Strangesnork has been spying on them this whole time, and the villain feels Snorky would help him take over Snorkland. Snorky ends up eating a lot in the kelp field, and the snorks worry it'll leave them with no more food. Also, taking care of Snorky proves to be very chaotic in nature. 

All of the snorks are very exhausted after they had spent an entire day taking care of Snorky. But while Snorky finally takes a nap, Dr. Strangesnork tries luring him with a can of catfish food. They have to go save Snorky, and while they do so, Snorky ends up comng across the shell they need for the kelp machine. However, the villain still keeps him hostage, even after he gets worn out by him, so the snorks disguise themselves as other silly snorkasauruses to get the villain to leave. The shell fits the machine, and they thank Snorky for saving the day.

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All the food is gone

Background Info

  • Basic elements from this episodes (visualizations in daydreams, calling someone "toots," etc) are later ercycled in other Lisa Maliani written episodes such as Snorkerella

Memorable Quotes

Casey: *picks up a smaller shell* Boy, finding a perfect shell isn't as easy as I thought.

Junior: *holds out a mirror of a shell* Well, if it's perfection you want, just look at me!

(Casey and Allstar roll their eyes at him in response)

Junior: *caught on yellow eel* Help, help, somebody help me!!!

Casey: Normally, I'd say we should help him, but he did say it was all his. *her and Daffney laugh*

Allstar: *seeing Snorky* What do you think he is, Gallio?

Gallio: *after Snorky picks him up and sucks him thumb* I think he's hungry.


  • This episode marks another instance in which Dr. Strangesnork is completely out of character


  • The snorkasaurus species might be a reference to Dino's initial species in The Flintstones



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