The Snorkness Monster



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Written by:

John Semper and Cynthia Friedlob

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 10, 1984

Paired With

Snorkin' Surf Party

"The Snorkness Monster" is the 18th episode of Season 1. Casey discovers the fabled Snorkness Monster, but Junior finds its egg and tries getting money for it, assuming it's a pearl.

Snorks 118 1

Casey and Nessie

Plot Summary

The snorks go on a field trip with Ms. Seabottom to an exotic part of town, the Snork Ness. There, they hear a wise snork named Angus McSquid play the bagpipe. Everyone's entertained except Junior. While the snorks want to collect shells or seaweed samples for the class, Ms. Seabottom reminds them to not go any where near the Highland Caves. Angus McSquid tells them the story of the Snorkness Monster, and naturally, Junior doesn't believe a single word he says. However, he gets scared by the sound of Occy being chased by the bagpipe after getting his tentacles caught in it.

Casey decides to go find the Snorkness Monster to see if it's real. She tries calling for it, but it doesn't answer. She leaves when it pops out by eating he seaweed sample. She gives it some more seaweed, then finds her friends to show them the evidence. Turns out there's no Snorkness Monster, but a weird sound that's coming from Occy and the bagpipe. A pearl pops out, and Junior decides to show it to his dad so he can get more money. The snorks soon learn from Angus that the monster won't stop moaning, so they decide to find out the problem by using the Silver Fish and taking it out to Snork Ness.

The snorks loan the Blabblefish Translator from Dr. Gallio, but the Silver Fish goes out of control. The Snorkness Monster goes after them, but Casey feeds it more seaweed. The translator finally works, and the Snorkness is a girl named Nessie. In fact, she was moaning because the "pearl" is really an egg. Casey and the others promise to find it and return it to her. They go over to Junior's house, where Tooter breaks in and they find the pearl. Junior and Governor Wetworth catch them before the egg hatches. It's searching for its mommy, so Casey returns it to Nessie. Angus cries because there's no more monster crisis in Snork Ness, despite Occy being tangled by the bagpipe.

Background Info

  • Snorks 118 2

    Occy and the bagpipe

    Tooter can communicate with the sound of bagpipes

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *after hearing sound* Save me, I'm too young to be anybody's lunch!

Dimmy: This stupid machine won't work! *kicks it* I fixed it!

Allstar: How'd you do that?

Dimmy: You're not the only nechanical genuis around here.

Allstar: *after Occy gets caught* Maybe Occy can be the Occy-ness Monster!


  • During the governor's speech, Junior's hands are white
  • The Governor says he has enough trouble facing "one monster" when he has two kids


  • The episode revolves around an undersea version of the Loch Ness Monster



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