The Story Circle



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Written by:

Kristina Mazzotti and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

Kristina Mazzotti

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 24, 1988

USA Premiere: December 17, 1988

"The Story Circle" is the 30th episode of Season 4. When the power goes out, Grandpa has the snorks gather around and create a story (similar to a "Round Robin") based off a classic fairy tale.

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The Story Circle

Plot Summary

Allstar and Junior are playing video games on the computer at Grandpa's house. Junior was about to win when Grandpa requested to play, under his game name of Ace. But during the game, however, a crazy seastorm causes the power to go out. Junior, Allstar, and Casey end up being bored out of their minds due to the lack of technology, so Grandpa comes up with suggestions for them to have fun such as reading books or playing some games. Displeased, he suggested the story circle. In it, each snorks take turn telling a really long story.

They decide to do "Jill and the Seabean Stalk," and to the viewers the characters resemble the snorks. It starts out by Jill and her grandfather (Casey and Grandpa) being poor and really hungry. In order to make some money, Jill's forced to sell the cow, and she sells it to a snork who gives her some magic sea beans in return (Junior). Her grandfather gets mad at her for getting sea beans, so he throws them out. She proves they're really magic sea beans, and outside it grows into a large and tall stalk that hits dry space. She goes up there, only for her cousin Jack to drop by unexpectedly (also portrayed by Junior). 

Both end up going up the giant sea bean stalk, where they enter a castle. Well, Jill really enters - Jack just grows into a giant and Jill tries to escape from him, only to find some treasure. he sees it and places her in a giant aquarium. Allstar finally gets into the story, but only as a golden snork who lays eggs. Jill escapes and grabs Allstar, who only wants him as a snork who can lay eggs. This makes Allstar mad, so he leaves on a jet boat and heads to what appears to be the Hawaiian coast, where Hawaiian snorks pamper him greatly. But Jack appears and grabs him with Jill, and back inside the castle, Jack returns to normal size. They get back into the ocean, only for Allstar the golden snork to be turned into a prince, and then a frog, and then a seahorse, and then finally a prince. He marries Jill, they get all the gold, and the story ends by Allstar before Junior can even plot revenge for his character. The power comes back on, upsetting the snorks, so they decide to continue the story circle, with Allstar beginning this time.

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Inside the story

Background Info

  • Grandpa is really good at skateboarding and playing video games
  • Dimmy's name appears and so does Occy - not only can Occy play, but Dimmy, in a way, has made an unofficial cameo in this episode
  • In a way, the fourth wall is broken from time to time, with Allstar acknowledging the fact that they know they're placed in the story
  • It is revealed that in some alternate universe, Allstar and Casey would one day be married

Memorable Quotes

Junior: Okay, what's your game name?

Grandpa: Ace.

  • lightning strikes*

Junior: *gulps* Ace?!

Junior: I have to admit, I admire Scrooge Snork too.

Casey: You would.

Grandfather: Dear Jill, your cousin Jack has come to visit.

Jack: You can never tell when I'll pop in!

Jill: I'll bet!

Grandfather: Jill, Jack has offered to go help you with the treasure.

Jill: Oh, just my luck!

Jill: What was that? 

(Allstar swims by on a motor boat)

Jack: Where did he get the boat?!

Allstar: You'd be amazed at what a few golden eggs could get you! *laughs* 


  • The number of bean count would switch from 5-6 occasionally
  • When "Jack" puts Allstar down, Allstar's eyes are slightly circled for about a second
  • Allstar being on the beach had him switch from his trunks to his normal clothes


  • The computer games being played here are similar to the former Atari games
  • Scrooge was also mentioned here
  • This episode covers a large number of fairy tale parodies, mostly from Jack and the Beanstalk (although Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood were also mentioned)



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