The Ugly Yuckfish



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Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Number

NBC Premiere: October 26, 1985

Paired With

Casey and the Doubleheader

"The Ugly Yucfish" is the 14th episode of Season 2. A yuckfish named Yucky forms a crush on Daffney and follows her home, and in a way he annoys her until she learns to accept who he is.

Snorks 214 1

Yucky as a Rainbow Swanfish

Plot Summary

The snorks and Dr. Gallio go over to the Snorkland Wild Fish Preserve to find the rare rainbow swanfish. However, Daffney's only excited to compete in the Miss Junior Snorkland beauty pageant. All, excpet her, go into a cave to find it, but Junior ruins it all when he flashes his camera and causes it to swim out of there. As Daffney primps herself, a yuckfish named Yucky begins to grow attached to her and follow her everywhere. Back in town, her and Casey are shopping around for the pageant when they try getting away from Yucky. This causes Daffney to lose her purse at first, but Yucky finds it for her and she's able to pay for her dress needed for the pageant. 

Daffney on front of curtains

Daffney Gillfin, as she appears in this episode.

Daffney is really annoyed with Yucky always following her around, so when her and Casey meet Professor Plankton, they give him to him, assuming he only needed a new pet. However, once she's already dressed for the contest, a sea sideshow starring Professor Plankton reveals Yucky trapped in a cage as an attraction. The snorks know they have to save him, even Daffney, so Allstar disguises himself as J.T. Barnacle and gives him some "Waka Wakas." But those Waka Wakas turn out to be Casey, Daffney, and Tooter distracting the audience while Allstar frees Yucky. Then Daffney makes it in time for the contest, and while Yucky kisses her on stage and she's laughed at, she standsup for him. Yucky then turns into a rainbow swanfish, and she wins the contest for her display of beauty. Daffney knows the real winner is Yucky, even if he still likes her.

Snorks 214 2

Yucky gives Daffney back her purse

Background Info

  • Daffney likes to compete in beauty pageants

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: Yikes! What in the whirlpool was that?!

Gallio: The rainbow swanfish - I'm afraid it's gone.

Junior: Oh gee, that's too bad. The light's much better out here.

Tooter: *stops*

Allstar: I said slow down, not stop! *sees Daffney* Wow, Tooter, I see what you mean, that is a snork stopper.

Casey: Poor Yucky is miserable! Oh, that sneaky professor Planton lied to us!

Daffney: Yeah, a sea side show is not my idea of a good home!


  • When trying to get away from Yucky, the back of Casey's hair is missing


  • Title is a reference to the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling



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