The Whole Toot and Nothing But.../Transcript

(At Snorkland High, Junior is giving a speech)

Junior: As your future governor, I promise something for everyone, everything for something, something for someone, and everything for everybody, and I always keep a promise.

Allstar: Can you imagine Junior as governor?

Casey: That spineless jellyfish?!

Allstar: Well that's not being fair... to the jellyfish. *he and Casey laugh together*

Junior: How'd I do, Ms. Seabottom?

Ms. Seabottom: Um, that was good, Junior. It showed a certain flare.

Junior: Naturally, I inherited my vast communicative skills from my father, the Governor.

Ms. Seabottom: And that's why I'm giving you a C in speech.

Junior: A C?! But --

Ms. Seabottom: You used a lot of words, Junior, but you didn't say anything. And now our final speech of the day wil be given by Tooter Shellby. 

Junior: If she think I didn't say anything, wait'll she gets a load of Tooter! *laughs* This is gonna be good! 

(Tooter presents his speech)

Ms. Seabottom: That was very interesting, Tooter, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you an F - again. I'm sorry, Tooter, but the name of the class is Speech, and you know what it means when you fail a course three times.

Junior: *laughs on the floor* Yeah, it means you're gonna get left back!

Casey: Junior, don't you think Tooter feels bad enough without you teasing?

Junior: Actually, no! *continues laughing*

Casey: Oh, it must be terrible to go through life with a handicap.

Allstar: I never thought of Tooter as handicapped.

Casey: I was talking about Junior. *chuckles*

(Allstar tries comforting Tooter)

Allstar: Gee, Tooter, if you get left back, we won't be in the same class anymore. 

Tooter: *moans*

(Tooter arrives home)

Mrs. Shellby: Tooter, weren't you supposed to get your report card today?

Tooter: *shows it to them*

Mr. Shellby: An F?! This is unacceptable, Tooter! This is the third year in a row that you've failed speech!

Mrs Shellby: *cries* I always thought you'd start to speak sooner or later! I jsut hope it's not too late!

Mr. Shellby: Don't worry, son, we won't let this lick us. We'll get professional help. 

(Go see Dr. Fish at his office)

Mrs. Shellby: I hope the doctor can find what the problem is with Toot.

Mr. Shellby: Don't worry, dear, Dr. Hugo Fish is the most famous doctor in Snorkland. 

Dr. Fish: Next session, we will try to bring you out of your shell, alright? *shakes hands with a clam* Ugh, I can't stand a clammy handshake! Ah, you must be the Shellbys. What seems to be the problem. 

(All of the Shellbys cry)

(In his office, Dr. Fish examines Tooter)

Dr. Fish: Say ah. *AH!* Hmm, very intersting, now let us test your reflexes. &*tested* Ah, very intersting, now one last test. *looks into his snork through a flashlight* Yes, very intersting, indeed.

(Then he talks to Mr. and Mrs. Shellby)

Dr. Fish: A very unusual case. Often this type of problem is due to some sort of thing that happened when the patient as very young. Can you remember anything in Tooter's childhood that may have caused this, uh, tooting?

Mr. Shellby: Well doc, I used to take him to work with me on the eel-evated.


(Flashback to the days when Mr. Shellby took Tooter with him to work on the eel-evated)

Mr. Shellby: Remember, Tooter, the eel will stop only when I pull this whistle cord. *it toots and picks up more passengers* We're coming to the fourteenth reef station, time to slow down. *whistle cord breaks* Oh no! The whistle cord is broken! Oh my gosh, I can't stop this thing!

(All the snorks panic)

Mr. Shellby: We're heading straight for that crowd!

Tooter: *toots for the sound that stops the eel evated, and they cheer for him*

Mr. Shellby: Nice work, Tooter.

Tooter: *he smiles*

(Now return to present day)

Mr. Shellby: And that honk was the first time Tooter tooted.

Mrs. Shellby: Oh, can you help our boy, doctor?

Dr. Fish: Don't worry. We will solve Tooter's problem before you can say --

Tooter: Beep.

Dr. Fish: Precisely. Now, you just bring Tooter here tomorrow for his treatment. Goodbye.

Tooter: *toots a farewell to him, as well*

(At a concert later that same night...)

Dick Snork: Hey all you cool catfish, dig this. I know it's a real dogfish drag, but tonight's gig is cancelled due to the fact that the seabass player has a cold in his snork. 

Casey: Oh no, I've been waiting for this concert for a year. 

Allstar: I know what you mean, Tooter and I -- *sees Tooter's gone* where's Tooter?

Junior: Maybe he had an appointment with that old quack, Dr. Fish! *laughs*

Allstar: Hey lighten up, Junior, it's not Tooter's fault that he's handicapped.

Dick Snork: Hey kids, I got a flash from the band - the concert will go on as planned! And now, Bruce Springsnork and the Eel Street Band with special guest, Tooter Shellby!

Junior: Huh? Tooter?!

Allstar: *he and Casey clap for him* Way to go, Tooter!

(they see Tooter performing in the band with his snork)

(and after the concert, lots of photos are being taken of him and he is being asked for autographs)

Snork Girl #1: *giggles* Oh, he's the snorkiest!

Snork Girl #2: We love you, Totoer.

Snork Girl #3: Oh, can I have an autograph for my sister?

Tooter: *blushes and giggles*

Lisa Snorkinston: Lisa Snorkinston from Snork and Roll Magazine. Can we have a picture for our centerfold?

Photographer: Hey, watch the fishy!

(it flashes, and Tooter rubs his eyes)

Lisa Snorkinston: All your fans want to know, when's your next gig?

Junior: Yeah, Tooter, why don't you tell your fans, if you can? *laughs* Come on, Tooter, speak to your fans!

(Junior's insults have caused Totoer to cry, so he leaves)

Casey: Oh, poor Tooter. 

(Her and Allstar go off to find him)

Casey: Tooter!

Allstar: It's us, Tooter!

Junior: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Casey: This is all your fault, Junior!

Junior: Hey, it's not my problem that Tooter can't speak!

Allstar: No, but it's our problem that you can!

Junior: Oh, so now I'm some sort of monster, huh?

(Allstar and Casey see a snorkeater from behind Junior and step away)

Junior: Very, funny, what do you think I am? *sees it from behind* A snorkeater!

(Snorkeater chases them)

Allstar: Snorkeater, run for your lives!

Casey: Help, help!

(Tooter sees this and follows them)

(The three snorks are now in a dead end cave)

Junior: MAMA!

Casey: Allstar, what'll we do?

(Hear the snorkeater-eater call)

Allstar: It's a snorkeater-eater!

(Snorkeater gets scared and swims away, and then Junior faints)

Allstar: *catches him* Junior, are you alright?

Junior: Ugh, where am I? What happened?

Casey: The snorkeater was scared off by a snorkeater-eater.

Tooter: *cheers and swims towards them*

Casey: Tooter!

Allstar: Thank goodness you're safe. 

Junior: But no thanks to Tooter. Becuase of him, we almost got snorkeater-eaten!

Tooter: *imitates the snorkeater-eater call for him*

Allstar: Wrong! Tooter saved us. He imitated the call of the snorkeater-eater. 

Junior: Don't laugh, I know a snorkeater-eater when I hear one.

Casey: *sees one on front of her* Look, Totoer accidentally called a real snorkeater-eater. 

Junior: *points at it and laughs* That's a snorkeater-eater?! What's so scary about that? *it roars at him* Yikes! *he faints yet again*

Casey: Tooter, you're quite a snork.

Allstar: You sure are. In fact, you're one of a kind. 

(Now at Dr. Fish's office, the day of the operation)

Allstar: Am I too late?

Mr. Shellby: Too late for what?

Allstar: You've got to stop Dr. Fish from curing Tooter. 

Mr. Shellby: But, why? 

Allstar: Because there's nothing wrong with him. If you take away Tooter's toot, you take away the thing that makes him Tooter. Tooter's not handicapped, he's special. 

Mr. Shellby: You know, he's right. I like Tooter the way he is. 

Mrs. Shellby: *cries* Well, I've always liked him!

Dr. Fish: Aha, I have done it! A total cure!

Mrs. Shellby: Oh no!

Dr. Fish: Go ahead, show them the new improved Tooter Shellby. 

Tooter: *still toots softly and clearfully*

'Allstar: 'That was great, Tooter. It was, it was -- 

Dr. Fish: The snorkiest.

Allstar: But how?

Dr. Fish: It was just a simple blockage of the snork. He was always able to make these sounds. He just never knew it. 

Mr. Shellby: I'm proud of you, son.

Tooter: *toots a thank you to him*

Mrs. Shellby: *cries joyfully* I've got my Tooter back.

(At school, in Speech class)

Ms. Seabottom: And Tooter Shellby's F in Speech is hearby changed to an A in Communication. 

Other snorks: Yay!

Ms. Seabottom: And now Tooter will demonstrate his special talents. 

Tooter: *toots his communication to the whole class*

Casey: Well I guess everything turned out just snorky. 

Allstar: Except for Junior. *laughs* Now that the course is called Communication instead of Speech, Ms. Seabottom changed his grade to an F!

Junior: *moans*

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International