Time Out for Sissies



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Written by:

Francis Novier

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

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NBC Premiere: November 24, 1984

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Fine Fettered Friends

"Time Out for Sissies" is the 22nd episode of Season 1. After slipping up in a game of snorkball, Dimmy decides to take ballet classes with Daffney to enhance his skills. He tries to keep it a secret until a gang spies him through the window and harasses him for it. They also harass Junior for money.

Plot Summary

Snorks 122 2

Dimmy shows off his football skills

It's a big high school snorkball/football game in Snorkland. Snorkland High nearly wins, but Dimmy makes a mistake that costs them their win. Daffney and Casey are watching from the audience, and they feel bad for Dimmy. After the game, Casey asks if she wants to grab a clamburger, but Daffney rejects because she has to go to her ballet class, and that Dimmy's going to want to talk. A gang arrives and asks Daffney for a ride, and she replies, "Buzz off, losers."

Daffney then goes to her ballet lesson with Dimmy tagging along. He is very upset, so Daffney and Ms. Valetta - the ballet instructor - tell him he needs grace and style. this gives Dimmy the impressions that maybe taking a couple of ballet classes will help him with his football skills. The same gang from before spots Dimmy and Daffney together, and they make fun of her seeing a "sissy" such as him. Later on at school, the gang tackles Junior and steals his money. Junior tells them his dad's the governor, and will tell on them - but the gang tells him NOT to tell his dad. When Junior comes home that dad, Governor Wetworth asks questions about school, and Junior nervously replies that "everything was fine."

Snorks 122 1

Ganging up on Junior

Dimmy is doing excellent at the next football game, and in the audience the gang is making fun of Tooter, who tries fighting back. They also are surprised as to why Dimmy's doing so well - it's the ballet lessons! Allstar and the team priases Dimmy for winning, and he tells them he's been taking ballet lessons to get better, yet they don't believe him. After eating some clamburgers, the gang goes after Junior yet again, but Dimmy and his pals teach them a lesson with their skills. At the next game, Miss Valetta tells Daffney and Casey that football may or may not be a girls' game, as well. She then kicks a football high into the sky.

Background Information

  • The gang's first and only appearance
  • We learn that Daffney takes ballet, and that Dimmy eventually grows a liking to it as it helps him with his football skills
  • Shows proof that Junior can be quite a coward at times

Memorable Quotes


  • The blue gang member's white bandage appears and reappears throughout
  • At one point, Dimmy's shirt is lighter than normal
  • Sometimes, the balls switch directions
  • Mrs. Wetworth's hair is white instead of gray at one point inside the Wetworth home


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