Time Out for Sissies/Transcript

(A high school snorkball game is being held at Snorkland Stadium. Dimmy passes the ball to Allstar, who takes off with it)

Announcer: And going off to plays its left in the game, Snorland eye designs to pass. *Allstar thrws it to Dimmy* Number 33, the Finster going long. *But Dimmy doesn't catch it in time* And he misses the pass! Well that's the game, folks. Red Carl Flags beat Snorkland high five to three.

(Daffney and Casey are watching from the audience)

Casey: Oh, the ball was right there. I can't believe Dimmy msised it.

Daffney: *walks out with Casey* Oh, poor Dimmy, he must feel terrible.

(outside the stadium)

Casey: Wanna get a plankburger?

Daffney: Oh thanks, but I have to work on my routine for Ms. Fantail's ballet class. Besides, I think Dimmy's gonna wanna talk. 

(A gang watches nearby)

Roach: Now there's a couple of sleeck sardines!

Gang member 2: Hey Roach, you think you can talk them into goin for a ride?

Roach: They don't look like the biker type, but I can be very convincin' when I wanna be! *sees Daffney walking by* Hey, pretty mama, how about a ride with a winner?

Daffney: Buzz off, loser!

Gang member 2: Hey Roach, she called you a loser! Are you gonna let her get away with that? 

Roach: I heard her, and I don't let nobody get away with nothin! *they leave* 

(At ballet)

Dimmy: I can't believe I blew the game! The ball was right there! I just flat out blew it!

Daffney: Listen to me, Dimmy, you're a good player! You're fast, you're strong, you're agile! What you need, Dimmy, is grace, grace, GRACE!

(At school)

Junior: *being ganged up - literally* Hey, let me go, put me down!

Roach: Hey punk, you're gonna stay down until I tell you what I told you!

Junior: There's no reason to give you guys a pearl - I don't need protection!

Gang member 2: Yes you do - from me!

Junior: When my father hears about this, you guys are gonna be in big trouble!

Gang Member 2: What's your da-da gonna do? Tell the governor?

Junior: He IS the governor!

Roach: I don't care who your old man is. Say one word to anybody, and I'll break your snork. 

(Junior returns home)

Mrs. Wetworth: And then Mrs. Clambake said those boys took off with her pies, can you imagine?

Governor Wetworth: Is that you, son?

Junior: *all battered and stutters* Eh, eh, it's me, dad.

Governor Wetworth: Well, come here boy. *Junior freshens up a bit* So, did you have a good day?

Junior: Eh, sure, dad, sure.

Governor Wetworth: Anything new? How's school? Are you feeling alright? You look a little green around the snork. 

Junior: I'm fine, fine. Uh, gotta lot of homework though, so I better get at it. See you, bye dad, mom. 

(Ms. Fantail's class again)

Ms. Fantail: *on piano* 1, 2, 1, 2, twirl and terroret. *repeats it twice*

(Dimmy and Daffney are dancing side by side)

Dimmy: If you so much as look at me, I'll kill you.

Daffney: Don't worry, no one is looking at you.

(But the gang members are watching from the window)

Gang member 2: Hey Roach, you think that sissy is her boyfriend?

Roach: *sees Dimmy mess up a bit* No way.

(class ends and all the girls walk out with Dimmy)

Girl: Goodbye, Dimmy. I'll see you tomorrow.

Gang Member 2: I can hardly wait to see the "happy couple."

Ms. Fantail: Believe me, Dimmy. If you come to class everday, I guarantee you'll see results in a week. 

Dimmy: Yeah, but what if the team finds out?

Daffney: Well what if they do? *hears the gang on their motorcycles* Uh oh, trouble.

Roach: How'd you like to take a ride with a real snork, honey?

Daffney: *grabs Dimmy shirt as he tries going after Roach* Please, Dimmy, don't fight.

Ms. Fantail: If you boys don't leave my students alone, I'll call the police!

Gang member 2: I think she means it, Roach. We oughta beat it.

Roach: Next time I see you, sissy, your girl will be riding on my bike. *he and the others finally leave*

Dimmy: I told you this would happen, Daffney! Snorkball players do not take ballet lessons! *back on his bike* So long, Ms. Fantail.

Ms. Fantail: Goodbye, children. And remember, Dimmy, to achieve the heights of athletic success, you must have grace.


(Another snorkball game takes place at the local stadium)

Crowd: Dimmy, Dimmy, we want Dimmy!

Announcer: And with only moments to play, Snorkland High is taking time out!

Tooter: *offers Daffney some kelpcorn*

Daffney: Thanks, Tooter.

Roach: *laughs* Honk honk, beep beep, baby.

Tooter: *tries to get him but Casey and Daffney stop him*

Casey: Please, Tooter, just ignore him.

Announcer: There's the snap, and Snorkland High is going to pass! *Allstar throws the ball to Dimmy* It's a low one, and a catch looks impossible!

Roach: Impossible for a sissy, he means!

Tooter: *growls at him* 

(Dimmy catches the ball with his snork, and the crowd cheers for him)

Announcer: And that's the gmae, folks! And what a spectacular finish!

(Casey, Tooter, and Daffney cheer together)

Daffney: Dimmy!

Crowd: Hooray!

(The other snorkball players approach Dimmy in the locker room)

Snorkball Player 1: Alright, Dimmy, way to go with that fantastic catch!

Allstar: Really terrific. I don't know how you did it.

Dimmy: I'll tell you how I did it, Allstar - with, ballet lessons. 

Snorkball players: Ballet lessons?!

Allstar: Come on, Dimmy, you're kidding!

Snorkball player 2: Uh, ballet lessons? Oh sure! Come on, Dimmy, tell us how you really did it!

Dimmy: Honest, I'm telling you guys, lesten to me. Allstar, take this position, number 5! *demosntrates*

Allstar: Come on! *he and the others laugh* Dimmy, I can't stand it!

Dimmy: I'm telling you, Allstar, studying ballet has really helped my game. I could do things I never could before. 

Allstar: Well whatever did it, Dimmy, you were great. Let's hear it for Dimmy, guys. Hip hip hooray!

All of them: Hip hip horray! Hip hip hooray!

(The biker gang is now at a plankburger stand)

Roach: So listen, Sharky, *laughs* how come you got no business tonight?

Sharky: It's punks like you who drives business away!

Gang member 2: Luck them, food's lousy! *laughs*

Sharky: What was that?

Gang member 2: *laughs* I said food's lousy!

Roach: It's so lousy *burps* we ain't payin' for it!

Sharky: *shakes Roach upside down until he finds a real pearl* Now get out of my diner, and stay out, you punks!

(Now at Junior's house)

Junior: Oh come on, Willie. Don't you have just one more peal?

Willie: One more pearl, right! Uh, nope, you borrowed my last one yesterday!

Junior: Ugh, now what am I gonna do?

Willie: Now what are you gonna do? Are you gonna pay me back double like you said, huh? Are you, are you, huh? 

(At the stadium, Dimmy and Allstar are practicing) 

Dimmy: *throws ball to Allstar* Double back, double back, you'll never make it, Allstar! Jump! Do it now! *fails to catch it* Aw, too bad. I knew you were gonna miss that ball. I'm telling you, Allstar, you need grace. 

Allstar: I know, I know! You owe it all to Ms. Fantail's ballet class!

Dimmy: I's true, I'm telling you. In fact, I think the whole team should take the class. 

Allstar: You're kidding!

Dimmy: I'm dead serious, Allstar. If we all took the class, the team would be unbeatable!

(Back to the biker gang driving by)

Gang member 2: I can tell you to think there, Roach, what's the plan? What's the plan?

Roach: Hey I've been thinkin' the best plan is no plan. I've been uh - hey, looky there! *Junior and Willie ride by* Junior! You owe us! Where's my pearl for the day? Let's collect some dues, man! *they chase after them*

Willie: Who are those guys, Junior? What do they want?

Junior: Money!!!

Willie: Money, but what for?

Junior: Hang on, Willie! *they leave quickly*

Willie: Hang on, Willie! *still a big chase* Slow down, Junior, I'm scared!

Junior: Me too! *they hide in a cave and escape after the gang turns the other direction* 

Gang Member 2: I think we lost them nerds, Roach.

Roach: Well all's not lost, Buzz, there's the dancin' school. 

Ms. Fantail: 1, 2, 1, 2, turn and terroret!

Junior: Oh boy, Willie, am I in trouble!

Willie: In trouble! Oh, what trouble!

Junior: Oh, what am I gonna do? I can't tell dad. 

Willie: Tell dad!

Junior: Maybe I can tell mom.

Willie: Tell mom!

(The gang tries breaking in)

Gang member 2: You think the mama's boy is in there, Roach?

Roach: There's one way to find out! *he kicks the door open, disrupting the class*

Ms. Fantail: You roughnicks! Just who do you think you are?

Snorkball team: Yeah, who do you think you are?

Gang member 2: Uh, Roach, we're outnumbered.

Roach: Well five real snorks oughta beat ten sissies!

Daffney: Why don't you creeps get out of here?

Roach: Not before we see Dimmy dance!

(As Dimmy twirls him around, the cops and Governor Wetworth, Willie, and Junior, are standing outside the studio)

Cop 1: You think we oughta go in, governor?

(The gang is knocked outside)

Governor Wetworth: I don't think that will be necessary. It would seem the little ladies have everything under control. 

(Another snorkball game takes place)

Announcer: And it's another impossbile play by Dimmy Finster! And the score is 56 to nothing!

Ms. Fantail: I didn't realize this game was so physical.

Announcer: And Snorkland is about to snork for the extra, extra point!

Ms. Fantail: Oh, the strength of those boys. It's no game for a woman to play.

Casey: Well, now that you've seen it, do you think ballet's helpful in snorkball? 

Ms. Fantail: Oh, I don't know.

Tooter: *sees the ball heading their way*

Casey: Heads up!

Ms. Fantail: *kicks the ball and scores a touchdown* Maybe a little. 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International