Tooter Shellby
Tooter Shellby
Gender Male
Age Around 14-15
Hometown Snorkland
First seen Journey To the Source
Last Seen The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth
Voiced by Frank Welker
"Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep!"

Tooter Shelby is one of the central characters in the show. He's very good friends with much of the gang. He only speaks in toots, which also helps him communicate with a vast array of sealife. His most frequent appearances take place in the first three seasons.


Tooter was born to the Shellbys in Snorkland. When he was very young, his dad always took him to work at the eel-evated. One day, the cord that makes it stop to pick up snorks breaks, causing it to swim everywhere nonstop. In order for it to make a complete hault, Tooter honked, and that's the very first time he tooted (The Whole Toot and Nothing But...).


Tooter is a good-natured snork. He is well loved by all his friends. He can also be very sensitive, especially when it comes to Junior mocking him.


Tooter's personality


Allstar, Casey, Daffney, and Dimmy

Tooter is very close friends with these four. In fact, Daffney once kissed him on the cheek (Vandal Scandal).


Tooter seems to be great friends with Allstar's pet octopus, Occy. A lot of it is because he communicates well with other sealife and Occy is no exception. Even in "A Snorking We Will Go", they were tent buddies.


He and Junior don't have the greatest relationship, but they are not quite frenemies. In fact, Junior can be rude to him due to his aphasia. Though in Season 3, they can work together.


Tooter is a green skinned snork with dark green curly hair. He also wears a dark green long-sleeved shirt and pants, with a yellow button in the middle of his shirt.

Snorks 104 2

Tooter and a fish


  • Tooter has been shown to be savant-like. While his social and communication skills (with other snorks) are quite stunted, he has incredible music abilities and can communicate with sea life.
  • Through his tooting, Tooter is able to thoroughly communicate with sea life (The New Neighbors, The Whole Toot and Nothing But...)
  • He can also imitate the sounds and calls of sea creatures (Vandal Scandal, Das Boot, The Whole Toot and Nothing But...)
  • Tooter can easily communicate with whales (Up, Up and Awave, Whales Tales)
  • He has musical talents, as he can make musical sounds through his snork (The Whole Toot and Nothing But..., A Hard Day's Snork)
  • Throughout Season 1, he works at the local ice cream parlor.
  • He once fell for another tooting snork named Tadah, and she eventually fell for him, too (Tooter Loves Tadah)
  • Still, Tooter's the only one in the series not "paired" with another main character
  • In the Snorkdance episode, Tooter asked Junior out to the dance and non-suprisingly, Junior rejected the offer, as he said he wanted a "real" date.
  • He is known to be a class clown throughout the series.
  • Just like Occy, Tooter wasn't seen quite as often in Season 4. Also, they were both voiced by Frank Welker.


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