Up, Up and Awave



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Written by:

Tom Ruegger

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 3, 1984

Paired With

The Blue Coral Necklace

"Up, Up and Awave" is the 16th episode of Season 1. COWS - Committee Of Women Snorks - hold the annual Snorkland balloon race, and Junior does all he can to win, even if it's cheating.

Snorks 116 1

The balloon race

Plot Summary

An aquasphere translator on dry land is being used by two human scientists to translate what the porposses are actually saying. Then they hear music coming from down below, and they're confused. Turns out that Snorkland is holding a balloon race featuring all of the snorks. Casey is riding a balloon with Allstar and Occy while Daffney rides with Dimmy and Tooter, and Junior rides in his own custom made balloon with Willie, and Junior has big intentions on winning the whole thing.

Pretty soon, the race begins, and Junior's blocked Allstar and Casey's balloon. Governor Wetworth, who has been riding in his own balloon, loses that balloon and falls back down onto the ground. The porposses play with Govenor's balloon, but it pops. The race still goes on, but Junior's balloon pops, and he and Willie get caught into the current. The snorks save them, but the porposses meet up with them. Meanwhile, the humans see the balloons and try grabbing the snorks, but the porposses pull the net back, which causes them to briefly fly into dry land. The snorks land back down into town safely, and the human scientists have to redo their research after assumming the sound of Tooter's tooting is a porposs talking to them. 

Snorks 116 3

Humans in dry space

Background Info

  • The music that is played in the beginning is actually the instrumental that was used to introduce the upcoming episode of the series when it originally aired on NBC
  • We learn that Marina and Mrs. Wetworth are involved in COWS

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: *seeing Junior on steam* Gee, the race hasn't even begun yet, and Junior's already steaming!

Junior: The captain must go down with the ship! *puts captain's hat on WIllie and jumps down* You're the new captain!

Willie: I'm the new captain! *jumps down* I resign!

Junior: Get off of me, you long-legged anchovie!

Occy: *growls at him*

Junior: Keep you eight hands off me!

Casey: Don't be mad at Occy, Junior, just because you wreckeed your own ship!

Junior: Me?! No way! It was Willie's fault!

Willie: "It was Willie's fault!" It was not my fault!

Junior: Was! 

Willie: Wasn't!

Junior: Was!

Willie: Wasn't!

Governor Wetworth: Oh, thank my lucky starfish! But, but how did you ever survive?

Junior: Well, I don't like to brag.

Willie: He doesn't like to brag.

Casey: Because he has nothing to brag about!


  • When the snorks come back down into the ocean, Mrs. Wetworth's hair is bluer than normal


  • Title references the old saying "up, up and away"



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