Vandal Scandal



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Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: September 15, 1984

Paired With

Journey To the Source

"Vandal Scandal" is the second episode of the series. Tooter is falsely accussed by Junior for drawing on Governor Wetworth's statue, so the snorks try to bring him home after he swims away - and they also find the real culprit.

Snorks 102 1

The evidence!

Plot Summary

Everyone is having fun in Snorkland one afternoon when Governor Wetworth decides to make a huge speech in the middle of downtown. After stuttering through his speech at first, he annouces it's Tuesday and that everyone in town gets free plankburgers. Tooter orders ten for his friends and the Seaworthys, including baby Smallstar. After everyone has eaten their free meals, Governor Wetworth announces that everyone now has to pay the taxes that are to go for his new statue featuring him on the front. When unveiling it, red dots are all over it. Junior immediately blames the culprits on Allstar and his friends, most notably Tooter.

All the snorks are at Gallio's later on, trying to figure out who could've vandalized Governor Wetworth's monument. They each figure out that cleaning it up for him might help the governor not be mad at them, and after they've cleaned it up, they each go home. Tooter walks by himself when he sees Casey's red crayon that she had been missing earlier, the same red crayon that was involved in th vandalization act. Junior and Willie see this, and so they have their dad arrest Tooter. 

Later on, the Council of Elders meet up with the governor to discuss what his punishment should be. Everyone gets mad and wants Tooter to be deemed innocent, and the Shellbys even plead their case. They even read a note from him out loud, saying that he is running away. Governor Wetworth believes this has led to him committing the crime in the first place, so he lets the Elders decide on the case for themselves after a lunch break. The snorks tell Gallio about this, and so they take the Silverfish to find him possibly out beyond the western limits. As they head off to find Tooter, the Elders learn that the red crayons have appeared once more, and that Tooter's innocent. Meanwhile, Tooter almost gets eaten by a giant crab, so they save him in the nick of time. Tooter reunites with his parents back in Snorkland, but Mrs. Seaworthy cries because she can't find Smallstar. But she happens to be using Casey's red crayon from a new set of crayons to draw all over Governor Wetworth's monument for the third time. The governor's mad at first, but Smallstar kisses him and draws all over his face, saying "Funny face!" and laughing out loud.

Snorks 102 2

Tooter's parents pleading for him

Background Information

  • First appearance of Mrs. Seaworthy and Smallstar
  • Also the first appearance of The Shellbys
  • First time revealed that Casey is talented at drawing
  • Clips from this episode has been used in the other two theme songs as well as VH1's I Love the 80's 3D segment on The Snorks (1984 episode)

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: I'll walk ya home, Dimmy!

Dimmy: Okay, if you wanna, Daffney.

Elder 1: We have read your accusation of the defendent, One Tooter Shellby. You have accused him of disrespectful authority.

Elder 2: Defacing public property.

Elder 3: For facing arrest.

Governor Wetworth: And making funny noises! 

Allstar: *after getting Smallstar away from the statue* Sorry, Governor. But, you know how babies are.

Governor Wetworth: I'll tell you how babies are! They're a pain in the --

Smallstar: *cries*

Mrs. Wetworth: There there, baby. The Governor forgives you. Now kiss and make up.

Daffney: Yuck! Here comes the kiss! *Smallstar kisses him*

Casey: *laughs* Look at the make-up!

Smallstar: *after drawing on Wetworth's face* Funny, face, funny face! *giggles*


  • Gallio claims that the Silverfish had never been used, but the episode Journey To the Source took place right before the events in this episode


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