Whales Tales/Transcript

(Out at sea on a stormy day, a few sailors are on a small boat using a large fishing net while also seeing a whale swim by)

Sailor #1: Tharr she blows! *the baby whales swims up, too* And she's got herself a baby!

(The two whales swim together until the baby gets lost and anotehr giant whale tries to eart it. The mother fights back, although the baby gets caught in the fishing net)

Sailor #1: Suffering sea-robins! That baby whale's caught up in our fish net!

(They break it free, but it swims away. The giant whale is gone but the mother frantically searches for her baby. Meanwhile down below on the outskirts of Snorkland, Daffney is driving way too fast)

Daffney: Gee Casey, it was sure nice of you to give me a driving lesson. 

Casey: For you, it's a speeding lesson! Slow down, Daffney!

Tooter: *wants her to slow down* 

Casey: Watch out for that school bus!

Daffney: What school bus?

Casey: That one!

Daffney: *sees it* Eek!

Casey: Pull the break! 

Daffney: *but it breaks* Oops!

Casey: Blow the horn!

Daffney: Where is it?

Casey: Here, try this! *Daffney uses Tooter's snork as a horn* Turn the wheel, turn the wheel! 

(But they all wreck)

Daffney: Oh boy, this car driving stuff is great? When do I get my second lesson, Casey? 

Casey: As soon as I get some life insurance!

Tooter: *wonder where they are*

Casey: I don't know where we are, Tooter, but that big old rock doesn't look at all familiar to me. 

Daffney: Me neither, and you know what's really creepy? I get the distinct impression, that we're being watched.

Tooter: *spots a pair of eyes from the net - the whale's, and it's moaning at them*

Casey: Hey, that's no rock, it's a whale!

Whale: *moans some more*

Daffney: And it's caught in a giant net.

Tooter: *comes up with a suggestion* 

Casey: I know we gotta set it free, Tooter, but how?

Daffney: Leave it to me, guys. *gets into her car and starts driving again* 

Casey: Daffney, what are you doing? 

Daffney: Putting the petal to the metal, and the steam to the net!

(the steam from her car breaks the whale free of its net)

Casey: You freed him, Daffney. What a great manuever!

Daffney: Some snorks are just natural born drivers. *wrecks again* Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Casey: You're free, Mr. Whale. You can go home now. 

(Back up top, the baby whale hollers for its motehr, but can't find her)

(But back down below, the snorks are prepping to go back home)

Casey: There, I think I've got it fixed. Now we can drive back to town. 

Daffney: Uh oh, look who's here again. 

Casey: It's that same whale. 

Daffney: I thought you were going to go home.

Whale: *moans for its mommy*

Casey: What's it saying, Tooter. 

Tooter: *translates it for them*

Casey: Oh, he's lost and he can't find his motehr. Oh, we gotta help him, he's just a little baby. We'll take the whale with us and find Allstar, he'll help us. 

Daffney: But we can't bring a whale into Snorkland, it's against the law. 

Casey: Ooh, you're right, we could get into big trouble - which means we'll jsut have to disguise him. 

Daffney: Disguise a whale?!

Casey: And I know jsut the way to do it. 

(They drive him downtown, covered in a huge wad of seaweed)

Daffney: I don't think this is gonna work, Casey. 

Casey: Well, we'll find out soon enough. Junior Wetworth is headed this way.

Junior: Oh, here comes some of my biggest fans. 

Willie: My biggest fans!

Junior: And stop repeating what I say!

Willie: Stop repeating what I say!

Junior: Greetings, ladies! Good day, Tooter!

Willie: Greetings, ladies! Good day, Tooter! And howdy, giant clump of kelp!

Junior: Giant clump of kelp?!

Willie: Now you're repeating what I say!

Junior: *asks them* Hey, what are you doing with that huge wad of seaweed?

Dafney: Uh, what huge wad of seaweed?

Junior: The one you're towing. 

Daffney: Oh, that huge wad of seaweed. It's, well, um, you see, we're, um, --

Casey: We're all going on the new seaweed salad diet. 

Daffney: That's it! It's the latest craze! Nothing but seaweed salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Junior: But you've got enough seaweed there to feed a whale. *it moans*

Casey: But Tooter has, uh, a whale of an appetite. His stomach's growling, uh, we better go feed him. 

Daffney: See you later, boys!

Junior: There's something fishy going on around here!

Willie: *sees a fish for real* Very fishy!

Junior: And I'm gonna get to the bottom of it!

Willie: *falls off the car and into a pit* The bottom!


(Everyone is now at Allstar's house)

Casey: We just have to find that poor baby whale's mom. Will you help us, Allstar? 

Allstar: Sure thing. We'll get the Silverfish and search for its motehr out beyond the limits. 

Daffney: Beyond the limits? *Tooter faints, so she catches him* Can't we search somewhere safer, like, under the beds at my house? 

Allstar: Come off it, Daffney, there aren't any whales in Snorkland. And anyway, it's against the law to let one in. 

Casey: Uh, so we've heard.

Allstar: So where did you leave the baby whale? 

Casey: Oh, right outside.

Allstar: What?!

(Junior and Willie are outside Alsltar's house)

Junior: Well, well. The girls took the seaweed to Allstar's house. 

Willie: Took the seaweed.

Junior: That Allwet's up to something. I better keep an eye on him. 

Willie: Keep an eye on him. *sees its eye* A big eye! *swims for it*

Allstar: We've gotta move that thing fast.

Willie: We've gotta mo --

Junior: *covers his mouth and they hide in the "seaweed"*

Allstar: If anyone finds out we have a whale in town, we could all go to jail.

Junior: So, Allwet's crime is whale smuggling, aha!

Willie: Aha!

Junior: Now all we need is the evidence. I wonder where he hid the whale.

Willie: I wonder -- *it moans and they shake* I wonder if we're going to be eaten. 

(so they scream and run for it - Allstar and Casey spot this, as well)

Junior: Help, it's a whale! Run for your lives! Whale attack! Help! 

Daffney: Well, that ends our seaweed salad diet.

Casey: Let's get out of here before Junior brings back the entire Snork Aqua-Marine Corps. 

Allstar: Come on, Tooter.

Tooter: *gets the whale to follow him and his friends*

(Everyone is now inside the Silverfish, with the baby whale outside of it)

Allstar: The Silverfish is ready for takeoff. All aboard.

(they swim inside it)

Casey: Tooter, tell the baby whale to follow us.

Tooter: *does so*

Junior: I've finally caught Allstar with the goods, and he won't get away this time! *he and Willie sneak onto the Silverfish from the backdoor opening*

Allstar: We have ignition, and blast off. *it leaves* We're on our way. 

Junior: Hold it right there! *they turn around to see him* Heh, Allwet, I hearby place you under citizen's arrest!

Casey: On what charge?

Junior: For sheltering a whale inside the Snorkland city limits. Gotcha, Allwet!

Casey: Looks like we've got you, Junior. In case you haven't notice, we've just left the city limits. 

Junior: You mean we're - we're beyond the limits?! We'll be eaten by monsters!

Willie: By monsters!

Junior: *tries escaping* Help, somebody! Let me out of here!

Daffney: Not until we find that baby whale's mother!

Tooter: *uses the controls in the Silverfish

Casey: Sounds like a whale, dead ahead!

(But the baby whale sees a giant killer whale goign after it)

Daffney: Golly, his mother sure is a grouch. 

Casey: That's not his mother, it's a killer whale trying to eat him.

(The killer whale swallows the Silverfish - and everyone in it - as the baby whale knocks it, but falls down)

(Its mother hears his whaling, and she punches the killer whale in his stomach, causing his blowhole to spew out the Silverfish in dry space)

Junior: Where in the Salmon Hill are we???

Allstar: It must be dry space!

Casey: *gasps* Amazing!

Junior: Amazing?! We're gonna die!

(But they all drop back into the deep blue)

Snorks: Hooray!

Daffney: We made it, all of us!

Casey: Not quite all of us.  

(Mother whale sees baby still knocked down, assuming he's a goner - the snorks come out to her in sadness, and Tooter even brings flowers for the grieving mother)

Daffney: Oh, the poor little guy.

Casey: We're sorry, Mrs. Whale, so terribly sorry.

Tooter: *cries as he lays the flowers next to the baby whale* 

(But baby smells them, eats them, and is happy to be reunited with his mommy)

Daffney: He's alive! 

Tooter: *cheers in excitement*

Casey: Oh, they're heading home.

Junior: So let's us do the same, and fast!

Willie: Fast!

Casey: Hear that, Daffney? They wanna go fast.

Daffney: Good, 'cause fast is the only way I drive! *starts up controls and drives the Silverfish at a very high speed* Next stop, Snorkland!

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