Whales Tales



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Written by:

Tom Ruegger

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: December 9, 1984

Paired With

The King of Kelp

Snorks 126 2

The Baby Whale

"Whales Tales" is the 26th and final episode of Season 1. The snorks find a baby whale and try to bring it back to its mother.

The episode begins with some fisherman trying to catch some bait. A mother whale and her baby are swimming arund when a big giant shark tries to eat the baby. The mother stops him, but the baby gets caught in the fishing net. Meanwhile, Casey's trying to teach Daffney how to drive, but Daffney's not doing too well as she's speeding way too fast. Daffney almost hits a school bus when her, Casey, and Tooter spot the same baby whale tied up in the same net.

They decide they should take it to Allstar to see what he should do with it, but they can't bring a whale into Snorkland. As a result, they hide it in a large pile of seaweed. They lie to Junior by telling him they're going on a "Seaweed Salad Diet," but he knows something's suspicious. They take it to Allstar, who decides to use the Silver Fish to take it beyond the limits. Junior finds out about the whale and tries to arrest them for whale smuggling.

Snorks 126 1

Lying to Junior

They take it beyond the limits but hit dry space. The baby gets knocked out, and the snorks assume it died. The mother finds him, and he's happy and alive. Daffney quickly drives Junior and the others home.

Background Info

  • We learn that it's illegal to bring a whale into Snorkland
  • Casey's probably slightly older than Daffney, and she probably already has her driver's license
  • The Silverfish make its final appearance in the series
  • Dimmy makes a brief appearance on the Silverfish in this episode, although he doesn't speak a single word

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: *drives too fast* Thanks for giving me a driving lesson, Casey.

Casey: For you, it's more like a speeding lesson.

Daffney: *after crashing* Boy, this driving stuff sure is fun! When do I get my second lesson, Casey?

Casey: As soon as get some life insurance!

Daffney: Some snorks are just natural born drivers. *crashes car* Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Junior: Greetings, ladies. Good day, Tooter.

Willie: Greetings, ladies. Good day, Tooter. And howdy, giant wad of seaweed.

Junior: Giant wad of seaweed?!

Willie: Now you're repeating what I say!

Junior: *sees whale* Help! Whale! Run for your lives! A whale attack!

Daffney: Well, that ends our seaweed salad diet.


  • At times, Willie's sleeves are longer than normal
  • When in dry space, the back of Casey's hair is missing


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