Snorks 106 1

Junior and Polly

Which Snork Snitched



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Written by

Gordon Bressack

Directed by

Gerald Baldwin

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NBC Premiere: September 29, 1984

Paired With

Das Boot

"Which Snork Snitched" is the 6th episode of Season 1. After Allstar gets Junior in trouble for cheating at gymnastics, Junior spies on Dr. Gallio's plans and reveals them to his dad.

Plot Summary

The Snorknastic games are taking place. Casey and Allstar are training together, while Daffney makes sure Dimmy's strong enough to beat Junior's team. Junior brags about how he'll win, but in secrecy, he wants to cheat. For most of the games, Junior loses to Allstar. That is, until he decides to put springers on his shoes, causing him to jump high into the air and out of the stadium.

Allstar and his friends follow him out, where they also get him out of a clam. Turns out Junior was disqualified for cheating, and Allstar's team won. Junior decides he'll get even with them. Everyone else is at Dr. Gallio's, where he introduces "Project Blowfish," a robot like fish that will be sent up in dry space and collect samples of dry space so he and Allstar can study them. But there's just one catch: Governor Wetworth can't find out about it. Because of this, they choose to do it early in the morning on the ridge of the western limit before anyone else in town is awake. Unfortuantely, Junior heard all about it, and is planning on telling his dad ALL the details.

Snorks 106 2

Junior knows about Project Blowfish

The next night, there's a basketball game. Allstar shows his friends a diagram Casey drew, making sure Junior loses. However, Junior distracts Allstar, take the ball, and wins the game. Everyone's now wondering how he knew their techniques and project blowfish, but don't know "which snork snitched." The next day, they're eating ice cream (Dimmy with the most) and drinking milkshakes at the local diner while discussing who could've told Junior. Then Allstar reveals that "Project Splashdown" will be back down, and to not tell a single snork. Polly the parrotfish overhears this and tells Junior, who then tries to make sure Allstar'll be in trouble.

Gallio tries to remind the gang that no one's a snitch and how there could be another explanation. Polly comes in and wants a seaweed cracker. Afterwards, she reveals that she's spying on Allstar and that Junior'll be a hero. Casey suddenly recalls seeing her around, and realize it's her who's been spying on them. Allstar comes up with another plan as to how Junior and his dad will find out about "Project Blowfish" coming back down. Then Polly tells Junior about the project coming back down on the Ink Farm. The next morning, Project Blowfish lands in a forest of kelp, while Junior and his dad are trying to not disturb the sleeping squid at the Ink Farm. Polly finds Allstar then comes back to Junior, who says he's been fooled. The squid awoke and spread ink all over the place. Junior then ended up having his goose cooked.

Background Information

  • Polly does not look like the parrotfish seen in Season 4 episodes involving pirates (The Boo Lagoon, Snork Ahoy)
  • Clips from this episode can be seen in the Season 2 opener and VH1's "I Love the 80's 3D: 1984" Snork segment
  • We learn that Dimmy's real name is Demitrius, and he hates being called that
  • Daffney's very strong and can lift heavy objects with ease
  • Tooter can hold his breath and pretend to be a blowfish
  • This marks first episode to use the words "dry space"
  • This is the first time in the series where Allstar's voice is a little deep
  • Snorkland High teams are generally co-ed, at least that's what's implied during the first part of Season 1

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: Just a little bit more, Demitrius.

Dimmy: Don't, call, me, that!

Casey: I wonder what it'll find.

Daffney: Do you think it'll ever come back?

Allstar: Well, as my Uncle Gallio says, what goes up, --

Junior: Must come down!

Casey: How could Junior have known?

Dimmy: Maybe it's just a lucky guess.

Tooter: *toots*

Casey: If you ask me, Project Blowfish just sprang a leak.

Announcer: And the game is over, Junior's team wins! Junior Wetworth read that play perfectly.

Daffney: It's more like he read our minds!

Dimmy: I don't mind losing, I just hate to see Junior win!


  • When Allstar says "I'll try my best" his mouth doesn't move
  • All the backgrounds are in sepia when Junior pleads about getting even with Allstar and his friends
  • While the gang can be seen far off in the distance during the game, Dimmy's beige colored and not orange
  • Allstar says that Tooter can't tell Junior though in some other episodes it shows that he can understand him just fine.


  • When Junior says "The ONLY way to fly!" he is referring to the former slogan of the now defunct Western Airlines


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