Which Snork Snitched/Transcript

(View Snorkland Stadium, where a huge game is taking place - Allstar and Casey are in uniform, stretching together)

Allstar: Junior's team is still ahead. We can tie them if Dimmy and I win our events.

(Meanwhile, Daffney's coaching Dimmy)

Daffney: You can do it, Dimmy. I know you can.

Dimmy: *tries lifting weights*

Daffney: You can do it, Demetrius.

Dimmy: *tries desperately to lift high* Don't - call - me - that! *finally lifts it high then fall over*

Daffney: *hugs him* Oh Dimmy, you did it! A new record!

Referee: We got a snork jumper ready to go. You wanna move that barbell?

Daffney: You must be tired, Dimmy. I'll get it.

(She picks it up with ease, suprising Dimmy and making him fall over again)

Junior: Well if it isn't Mr. Allwet! After I beat you at snorknastics, I may be a good sport and invite you to the winner's part, and to play pin-the-tail on the loser! *laughs*

Tooter: *sticks his tongue out at him*

Casey: You better watch your step, Junior.

Junior: Thanks. I'll remember that. *bumps into Willie carrying his stuff, making those in the audience laugh*

(now the games begin)

Casey: It's up to you now, Allstar.

Dimmy: If you win, we're the champs.

Allstar: I'll try my best. *swings, flips over, and back to more swinging - then it's Junior's turn* Good luck, Junior.

Junior: I don't need luck, I have talent. *Willie bumps into him and Junior's hanigng upside down* Get me down!

Casey: Junior was right - that took talent!

Junior: *blushes angrily as everyone else laughs at him*

(Now it's the trampoline games - everyone cheers for Allstar as he wins with ease)

Casey: Great job, Allstar!

Junior: *with boxes* If at first you don't succeed, cheat! *laughs*

Willie: Cheat! *laughs*

Junior: *jumps high in the sky with his shoes*

Allstar: That's some jump!

Casey: I smell a ratfish!

Junior: *as he flies out of the stadium* The only way to fly! Yikes! I can't stop!

Allstar: Let's go! *all swim to his aid*

Daffney: Where is he?

Casey: I could've sworn --

Junior: *inside a clam* Let me out of here! Don't jsut stand there! Help!

Allstar: It's Junior! He's in the clam!

Junior: Hurry! It's - ugh - clammy in here! *Alsltar and Dimmy open the clam, releasing him* I won, right?

Dimmy: Wrong! Allstar did! You were disqualified!

Allstar: Better luck next time, Junior!

Junior:  Ooh, I'll teach them to laugh at me! A Wetworth doesn't get mad, he gets even! *clam locks him again* Let me go! Let me go!

(The next day, Junior and Willie are wlaking out of a pet store)

Daffney: *walks over to them* Hi, Junior. What's in the package?

Junior: Wouldn't YOU like to know? They'll find out soon enough! *laughs*

Willie: Soon enough! *laughs*

(Now at Dr. Gallio's lab)

Gallio: At last, at last! *drinks out of a small cup* Ah! Would anyone else like some tea?

Allstar: No thanks, Uncle Gallio. Can you help me with my invention?

Gallio: Yes, yes, of course. Let's take a look at it. *reveals a mechanical blowfish* 

(confused snorks, and then Tooter demonstrates by blowing himself up)

Allstar: You're right, Tooter, it does look like a blowfish. That's why I call it Project Blowfish. I plan to launch it into dry space.

Snorks: *in awe*

Dimmy: How do you fit into it?

Allstar: Oh no, Dimmy, it's not designed for passengers. *opens the compartment* After it's launched, it'll collect samples of dry space and return them to Snorkland, so Uncle Gallio and I can study them. When should we launch it, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: *Polly the parrotfish shows up* Well, since we can't let the Governor find out about it, I suggest early tomorrow morning, before anyone in Snorkland is awake, from the high ridge near the western limit.

(The next morning at the high ridge)

Allstar: *as it goes up* 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off!

Snorks: Hooray!

Casey: I wonder what it'll find.

Daffney: Do you think it'll ever come back?

Allstar: Well, as my Uncle Gallio says, what comes up, --

Junior: Must come down!

Snorks: Junior!

Occy: *growls at him*

Allstar: What are you doing here?

Casey: Yeah?

Junior: *picks up a sea flower and smells it* It's such a beautiful morning. I thought I'd come enjoy the view.

Allstar: Did you, uh, see anything?

Junior: Me? No, I didn't see anything.

Snorks: Phew!

Junior: Just Project Blowfish!

Snorks: Huh?!

Junior: I'm sure my father, the governor, will find it very interesting! *he leaves*

Casey: How could Junior have known?

Dimmy: Maybe it's just a lucky guess.

Tooter: *toots he doesn't know, either*

Casey: If you ask me, Project Blowfish just sprang a leak.


(Now a basketball game takes place - Dimmy makes a basket, as well)

Daffney: Good job, Dimmy!

Allstar: Okay, team, I wanna be sure we win the big game tonight!

Dimmy: I'd sure like to show that Junior up!

Allstar: *Polly shows up again* We can't lose with my new secret weapon. *Occy plays eight balls with his tentacles* No, Occy, not you. *holds up a diagram* My secret weapon is called the Old Snork Statue Play. Look at this diagram Casey drew. Now, I fade back to pass, and Dimmy circles around, and -- *Polly leaves again*

(The score was 53-51, but Junior makes a hoop, tying the score)

Allstar: Now's the time for the Old Snork Statue Play.

Casey: Let's go!

Junior: How's it feel to lose?

Allstar: I don't know, Junior. You'll have to tell me sometime. *grabs the ball, but Junior grabs it and shoots through the hoop, making him win*

Announcer: And the game is over! Junior's team win! Junior read that play perfectly!

Daffney: It's more like he read our minds!

Dimmy: I don't mind losing, I just hate to see Junior win! 

Allstar: There's only one way Junior could've known about the Snork Statue Play - and Project Blowfish! Somebody told him!

Casey: But which snork snitched?

(All are eating ice cream at the parlor the next day)

Allstar: I know I didn't tell Junior, and the rest of you say you didn't tell Junior, and Tooter can't tell Junior, so the problem is - who told Junior?

Casey: We're the only ones that knew.

Allstar: I just hope we don't let my Uncle Gallio down. If Junior finds out about Project Splashdown, we're all in big trouble.

Daffney: You mean the blowfish is coming back down?

Allstar: *he and the others shh her* Uncle Gallio wants us to meet at his lab in one hour. Remember, don't talk to anyone about it.

Casey: Especially Junior. *Polly the Parrotfish leaves*

(Now at the Wetworth house...)

Governor Wetworth: We Wetworths have always been superior sportsmen, son.

Polly: Polly want a seaweed cracker!

Junior: Easy, Polly. Now, tell me what you've heard.

Polly: Blowfish coming back down! Gallio's lab! Don't tell Junior!

Governor Wetworth: Junior, do you mean to tell me that you've been using your pet parrotfish to reco -- recu -- to spy?!

Junior: Yes, dad.

Governor Wetworth: Oh, I wish I'd thought of that.

Junior: That's how I found out about Allstar's secret invention. Polly says the blowfish is coming back down.

Governor Wetworth: Hmm, if I only knew WHERE it was coming back down.

Junior: We could catch them in the act --

Governor Wetworth: And put a stop to those dangerous adventures once and for all!

Junior: Go to Gallio's lab, Polly! Spy on Allstar! *Polly heads over there* Soon, that goody-goody Allstar will be in big trouble - and I, Junior Wetworth, will be a hero!

(At the lab...)

Gallio: *demosntrating the plan with a map* Now, if my calculations are correct, Blowfish will splash down exactly --

Allstar: Wait a minute Uncle Gallio, maybe you shouldn't tell us!

Casey: Yeah, sure haven't been able to keep a secret!

Daffney: You'd think one of us is a snitch!

Gallio: Nonsense! There has to be some other explanation! You all are fine, outstanding young snorks! I trust each and every one of you.

Dimmy: *pats stomach* Oh, I know what would make me feel better!

Gallio: I'm sorry, Dimmy, all I can offer you is some stale seaweed crackers. *holds one* Here you are, Dim --

Polly: Oh, I want a seaweed cracker!

Daffney: Aw, how cute, it's a parrotfish! Give it a cracker, Dr. Gallio!

Polly: *eats it* Spy on Allstar! Blowfish back down! I Junior Wetworth hero!

Allstar: That's how Junior did it!

Casey: Now I remember seeing that parrotfish around!

Gallio: You see? I told you there was an explanation.

Dimmy: *pulls up sleeve and clenches fist* Wait'll I get my hands on Junior!

Allstar: Wait, I have a better idea! Here's what we'll do, listen. *he whispers the plan to them, and they laugh about it*

(Polly returns to the Wetworth house)

Polly: Polly want a seaweed cracker!

Governor Wetworth: Feed it! Feed it!

Junior: *does so* Okay, Polly, what did you hear?

Polly: Blowfish coming down! Ink Farm! Ink Farm! Tomorrow!

Governor Wetworth: Perfect! We'll hide at the Ink Farm tomorrow and catch them in the act! Oh, you know, Junior, you may be governor yet!!

Junior: Aw, gee, thanks, dad!

(The next morning, Project Blowfish comes back down in a forest of seaweed)

Allstar: The blowfish landed just where Uncle Gallio said it would.

Casey: *laughs* We sure fooled Junior!

Dimmy: *laughs* That sure was a good idea, Allstar!

Daffney: *laughs* Feeding the wrong information to that parrotfish!

Allstar: *laughs* I wonder how Junior and the governor are doing at their visit to the Ink Farm!

All: *laugh simultaneously*

Polly: *shows up* What?!

(Meanwhile, Junior and Governor Wetworth are at the Ink Farm, trying to be careful and not disturb several sleeeping squid)

Governor Wetworth: *whispers* Now, we have to be completely quiet. These squid are very sensitive.

Polly: Fooled Junior! Perfect landing!

(The squid wake up and ink the Wetworths there)

Governor Wetworth: Do you know what this means, Junior??

Junior: Uh, no. What, dad?

Governor Wetowrth: No allowance for a year!!! *stomps away* 

Polly: Polly want a seaweed cracker!

Junior: Ah, shut up!

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International