Who's Who



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Written by:

David Schwartz

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: October 1, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 27, 1988

Paired With

The Silly Snorkasaurus

"Who's Who" is the 8th episode of Season 4. Dr. Gallio's latest invention gets tested, but it ends up switching the brains of Allstar and a snorkeater attemping to eat the entire town.

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What's happening here??

Plot Summary

Three snorkeaters - Claude and a couple named Spike and Agnes - have plans on eating everyone in Snorkland. And at this point, they end up invading the town. Meanwhile, Dr. Gallio is working on his latest invention, the Mind Mixer. He tests it on a catfish and dogfish, and it works. But as they try to get the test subjects and switch them back into their rightful bodies, Allstar sees the snorkeaters coming, so he hides inside the Mind Mixer. Spike also searches for him in there, but their minds end up getting switched big time. Allstar is now in Spike's body and vice versa. Corky ends up grabbing "Allstar" while Agnes and Claude grab "Spike." Allstar, in Spike's body, tries distracting the snorkeaters by having them regroup and go elsewhere while Spike, in Allstar's body, tries eating Gallio when he realizes he's now a snork. 

Corky goes off to find Ace, a snorkeater-eater, but he has a toothache, so he recommends his cousin instead. While Allstar tries distracting Agnes and Claude, they get upset with with him. The cousin of Ace shows up and tries eating Allstar, not realizing that Allstar is a snork trapped in a snorkeater's body. Agnes and Claude also capture Spike, not knowing he was really a snorkeater trapped in a snork's body, and they fight over him. Spike and Allstar soon meet up with each other, where they first fight over their bodies before coming to Dr. Gallio's. Gallio lets them use the Mind Mixter to switch themselves back to normal, which works. Once Spike is back in his body and Allstar his, Spike tries eating Allstar and Gallio. But Ace's cousin shows up and attempts to eat Spike along with Agnes and Claude. Allstar, being glad to be back in his own body, says he never wants to go through with that again, but Gallio only laughs about it.

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Allstar as the snorkeater

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Spike: *after getting caught in window from chasing snork* I knew I should've stuck to my diet!

Spike (inside Allstar): Wait, you can't eat me, I'm Spike!

Agnes: Spike can get his own snorks - you're mine!

Spike (inside Allstar): No, no, I really am Spike!

Agnes: Right - and I'm the Easter Bunny!

Claude: You are?!


  • Agnes is darker in some scenes throughout the episode
  • As usual in most mind swapping themed episodes of shows, no other character notices the big difference


  • This episode pretty much contains the usual contents of the TV Trope of body switching



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