Willie and Smallstar's Big Adventure



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Written by:

Laren Bright and lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

Laren Bright

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: November 28, 1987

Paired With

Taming Of The Snork

"Willie and Smallstar's Big Adventure" is the 24th episode of Season 3. When Willie and Smallstar aren't allowed to go camping with the other snorks, they decide to have their own camping trip.

Snorks 324 1

Willie and Smallstar go camping

Plot Summary

The snorks are preparing for a big camping trip in Griffish Park one afternoon. Willie and Smallstar want to go with the big kids, but Junior and Allstar forbid them because they're simply too young. Willie talks to Smallstar about how they can do things with the big kids and shouldn't be stopped just because they're small. They really do go on a big camping trip by themselves, and they really do leave Snorkland.

Over at Griffish Park, the boys are setting up their tents while Daffney's eelectrical outlet about dies. Casey tells Junior they need the fishlight, but he forgot it at home. But when he goes back over there to get it, he sees that Willie and Smallstar have left. Meanwhile, and Smallstar find a good camping spot, where they fight a giant crab and sit by some flowing lava, pretending it would be like a campfire. Junior warns the others about it, so they go off to find them. But while Willie and Smallstar roast marshmallows by the lava, the teenagers get trapped inside a lobster cage. They're about to go up into dry land when the smaller snorks hear their screams of plea, so they save them. The teenagers learn that Willie and Smallstar can still do things even if they are small, and although Junior disagrees at first, they let them go on the next camping trip.

Snorks 324 2

Junior's camping style = epic fail

Background Info

  • Daffney would bring her curlers and all her evening gowns a second time in A Starfish Is Born
  • First time Smallstar is using full words

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: So where's the fish light already?!

Junior: Oh, now I remember where it is!

Daffney: Good! Where?!

Junior: On the kitchen table where I put it so I wouldn't forget it. Oh, ratfish!

Junior: You're not gonna believe this!!! *trips over Allstar's tent*

Casey: Believe what? That you're clumsy?! Oh, I believe that!

Daffney: *inside the lobster trap* So this is how it ends - in my curlers!!!


  • Sometimes, Daffney's curlers would appear to be darker
  • There wasn't any blue tile around the lobster trap when then snorks first entered it


  • The title is often mistaken to be a reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, despite this episode being released in 1987 whereas the film was released only two years later



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