Wish Or Wish Out



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Written by

Lane Raichert

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: January 7, 1989 Syndication Premiere: November 30, 1988

Snorks 434 4

Everyone and the Snailsman

Wish or Wish Out" is the 34th episode of Season 4. Willie, Casey, and Allstar each have different problems going on in their lives. The Snailsman returns, offering them a "wishing pearl," so they purchase it and each grant their own wishes. But it goes downhill later on...

Plot Summary

The episode begins right outside of Snorkland. The Snailsman uses a "Bigweed" toy to distract Corky. As he goes after it, the Snailsman sneaks into the city. Meanwhile, Willie - who has just gotten his allowance - swims over to the nearby amusement park. After he's not allwoed on the big, scary rides, he disguises himself as an older snork, but the man working at the register isn't fooled. He then asks if he can go see the scary movie, but he's denied that, also. Casey's at her house, doing difficult math homework. She gets bored, so she tries calling Tooter and Daffney, who are also trying to solve that same math problem. She then wishes she had an exciting life like comic book character Power Snork. At Allstar's house, he tries giving Occy a bath, and moans about how he doesn't have a care in the world. The Snailsman has been watching them the entire time.

While Allstar's trying to swim Occy, they end up running into Casey, adn then Willie on the playground. They get tied up top of the swing, and each complain about their day. The Snailsman goes up to them, and they gripe because they thought the Snork Patrol kicked him out of town. He offers them a wishing peal, where each snork rubs it and makes a wish. Casey and Allstar each give him eight clams (after Casey loans Allstar two of her ten), but the Snailsman only lets Willie pay two clams. Then they each make their respective wishes - Willie wants to be big enough to ride scary rides and see scary movies, Casey wants an exciting life like Power Snork's, and Allstar wants a life like Occy's.

Snorks 434 2

Willie in the movies

Next thing you know, Willie grows massive in height, Casey turns into "Super Casey" and has her own uniform, and Allstar becomes an octopup. Then they go out and do different things. Willie waits in line at the same amusement park from earlier so he can get on a rollercoaster. A burgler tries to steal a wallet out of a woman's purse, but is scared away by Willie. In midtown, Casey stops a snorkeater named Buster from the snorks and tickles him silly. The same burgler tries to rob the bank, so she stops him, and everyone cheers for her. Meanwhile, an elderly lady pets Allstar, believing he's really a "dogfish." He and Occy chase a catfish while that exact same robber tries stealing money from a vending machine. Their barks scare him away, and he voluntarily chooses to not be a villain anymore.

Back at the amusement park, Willie's the only one riding the Monster Clam. Then he decides to see the film, I Was Married to a Snorkeater. It turns out to be too scary for him, despite him being tall enough to make everyone else in the theater leave. Outside the jailhouse, Casey ends up meeting Dinkey, Buster's scarier looking brother. She frantically swims away, saying adventure's not good all the time. At the same time, Allstar and Occy are being chased by a dogcatcher. After he's gone, Allstar tries getting a steak at a fancy restaurant. The owner throws him out, and the same elderly lady offers to feed him. Turns out it's dogfish food, so Allstar refuses to eat it. All three characters return to the Snailsman, demanding their money back, and to change them back to their former selves. However, he only has one pearl left. Willie and Casey fight for it, but Allstar grabs it, and they all turn back to normal. He had wished for ALL of them to be back to normal, instead of just one. Corky catches the Snailsman, so all four (plus Occy) chase him out of town.

Snorks 434 3

Super Casey

Background Information

  • Junior, Tooter, and Daffney officially make their final appearances in the series, despite not speaking at all
  • Dimmy makes his final cameo appearance in the series
  • Corky and Governor Wetworth also make non-speaking cameos in this episode
  • This marks Willie's final appearance in the series
  • This is the Snailsman's second appearance since "Day of the Juniors"
  • This has been the second reference to Allstar disliking the taste of octopus food since "Dr. Strangesnork"
  • This also marks Casey's and Allstar's final appearance together in a single episode
  • It is revealed that Willie's 7 1/2 year old, and his birthday's in August

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Action, adventure, excitement - oh boy, this is fun!

Allstar: This is pretty cool. Now that my life's as simple as Occy's, I don't have to get up early and do my paper route - *sees Junior* unlike some people.

Robber: Oh, that does it! I quit! I'm not gonna be a bad guy anymore! I can't handle it! I'll be a florist, a hairdresser, anythign but a crook!

Willie: Now I know why they don't let us little kids see thsoe movies - they're scary!

Buster the Snorkeater: You're in trouble now, Super Casey.

Casey: Oh, don't make me laugh! Remember, you're the one in jail!

Allstar: Ugh, dogfish catcher, and I don't have a license!

Snorks 434 1

Allstar the dogfish/octopup


  • When Casey swims to her shellephone, she's not entirely colored in
  • When Occy gets out of bed, his pupils aren't colored in
  • Anotehr elderly lady walkign a poodlefish loses her color in her pupils when spinning around
  • The burgler's entire body isn't shaded in before he goes in and tries robbing the bank
  • At one point, the tippy top of Willie's eyes are white
  • Although the sign in the beginning acknowledges the town's name is Snorkland, the restaurant Allstar tries sneaking into is named "Snorktown Fancy Restaurant"


  • "Attack of the 50 Foot Teenage Mutant Eels" contain two pop cultural references - the film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • "I Was Married to a Snorkeater" is probably a reference to a 1958 movie, I Married a Monster From Outer Space



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